Strategic personal styling for achievers desiring authentic expression and who are ready for transformation.

  • Are you unhappy with much of your wardrobe?

  • Do you feel like you make bad choices when buying clothes?

  • Are you frustrated in finding clothes for your size?

  • Do you avoid social situations because putting together outfits gives you anxiety?

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What if you could refine your wardrobe and have everything in your closet work for you?

Skip the emotional shopping. Stop buying things that don't align with who you really are. Have a closet filled with only the pieces that look amazing.

Welcome to personal styling with Loren

For people who are ready to look great without compromise.


The value of our session went far beyond clothes...

"If you're like I used to be, everything about dressing nice and wearing nice clothes was too materialistic and too shallow, and I would not be caught out paying attention to any of it. I would've been so ashamed of myself. On my journey to empowerment that changed and I started paying attention to looking nice without going overboard.


Loren helped me first put words on the essence of me (besides magnificence), then the essence of what I want to give my clients and finally bring that into my style. Now, with my shift into magnificence, it became unexpectedly important that what I wear is an accurate reflection of who I am and what I stand for and what I offer my clients."


-Gitte L.


How do I know if personal styling is right for me?

Personal styling is right for you if any of the following apply:

  • You're moving into a new phase of your life

    And you're ready to start feeling 100% confident about your wardrobe.

  • You wish you knew how to be stylish

    But you don't know where to start.

  • You're unhappy with how you look

    In the clothes you own.

  • You feel like you have nothing to wear

    When you look in your closet.

  • You hate shopping

    And you get frustrated with very little return on your time.

The process

  • Styling happens first in your mind

    Then in your closet, and finally, at the store.

  • Together, we design your signature style

    To establish what's important to you and what you want from your style.

  • Then, we move onto personal styling

    In person or virtually.

  • Then, we head to the store for personal shopping

    This is a shopping trip unlike any you've ever experienced. You get to the store, your clothes are there waiting for you, and you'll come away with pieces you love and end up wearing over and over again.

  • Finally, you can choose your own add-ons

    Some of my clients hire me to come back for an additional styling session, assistance packing for a trip, coordinating clothing alterations, consigning clothes, seasonal refreshes, and more.


"I cannot say enough good things about Loren and her styling process. As a woman in my 30s with many recent life changes, such as a promotion and recovery from childbirth, I was feeling my existing struggle with style much more acutely. I found Loren's website and all of these amazing reviews and decided to give it a try. Wow, the investment is totally worth it. Loren is an incredible teacher and stylist; she helped me figure out what style I wanted to pursue and then taught me how to get there. And the shopping trip was one of the best experiences I've ever had; I felt like I was on a tv show. I love dressing myself now and feel fully equipped for both professional and casual activities. I highly recommend Loren and her stylist services: you will not be disappointed."

-Sarah K.

Step 1:

Design your signature style

Before we even get to your closet, we meet virtually to learn about you. During the session, we create your signature style together. Each session is tailored for the individual. You'll learn how to dress yourself the best for your lifestyle, age, and body type, and how to mix and match your clothes to create new stylish looks. I give you guidance and advice on your signature style, so you can create outfits that send the message you want. We also address mindset limitations about what you can and can't wear, so you can feel confident about what's possible.

Step 2:

Personal styling

After designing your signature style, we shop your closet for a new wardrobe. When we work together in your closet, I restyle your wardrobe by focusing on the style and message you want to send with your clothes. Using the clothing and accessories you already own, you won't have to spend an arm and a leg to get results. (If you are outside of Phoenix, not to worry, I offer virtual styling.)

Step 3:

Personal shopping

If you're ready for new-to-you clothes, I shop for you. Personal Shopping is the last step in my process after we've designed your style and shopped your closet. I shop for you and curate a selection of clothes ahead of time, so when you arrive, there are options ready for you to try on. This saves you time and energy, and reduces frustration in the fitting room.

The benefits of personal styling

More confidence

Love your body as it is, feel comfortable and confident in how you look.

More outfits

Mix and match your clothes, shoes, and accessories for exponentially more outfits.

Look great

Dress your body in flattering clothes and gain a sense of confidence in your style.

More options

Wear clothing pieces in new ways that you haven't previously considered.

Professional eye

Get talented, objective feedback on what looks good on you, the way you are now.

Save time

You'll actually end up wearing the clothes in your closet.

Imagine feeling excited to get dressed in the morning. Decide to put together an outfit that honors your style goals without spending a lot of energy, and get compliments on what you're wearing.

Don't settle with your style.

Clients come to me with clothes that have form but no function. High-heeled stilettos they can't wear on one end of their closet, and athleisure at the other end, with nothing in between.

Working with me gives function to form and form to function.

I work with men and women of all ages - from retirees to college students - as well as people of all sizes, shapes, and heights. For professional to weekend wear to anything in between, I can help. My services are also available to give as gifts.

Loren North, clothing stylist, with client

A new way to think about clothes...

"After spending 30+ years in Corporate America management, my style needed to reflect the new me. Loren immediately showed me how to use the styles in my closet in a whole new way. I ended up having much more to wear than I ever thought possible. I love going into my closet now because I have a new way to think about combining clothes, shoes and accessories. I highly recommend working with Loren if you want a fresh look at how you are showing up in the clothes in your closet … and the investment is very reasonable. For me, it turned out to be priceless!"

-Maria T.


It was a great experience and exactly what I needed...

"I was in exactly the right phase of my business to need to get this wardrobe makeover done. And my current philosophy is that I don't have time to waste so I need to accelerate my efforts in all areas as quickly as possible! Loren has a great personality for this line of work, friendly yet professional and confident in her expertise."

-Marie B.

Made a difference in me and the way I look at clothes…

"I just wanted to say thank you so very much for helping me this week. It truly made a difference in me and the way I look at clothes. I actually went home and put some back on to admire our purchases. That is the other thing I want to thank you for… I cannot believe how many clothes we got for the amount of money spent. What a realization. I would have only gotten two things for that price!"

-Mary R.


Loren makes the process fun

"This has been a great experience that has inspired me to make other changes, such as my new closet, new gym clothes and cleaning out my closet and drawers!!

She is a great stylist and really encouraged me to change my style from shorts and t shirts to a more put-together/sophisticated look. She makes the process fun but is totally honest and will tell you when something does/will not work."

-Vicki P.

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