Styling Session 1:
Sorting through Tony’s Closet

After getting an overview of Tony’s closet in our previous session, this personal styling session is all about examining his clothing items in detail to see what fits well (or would fit well with alteration) and meets the criteria for his new look. I have Tony try on various combinations of items to illustrate and elaborate on style principles we have been discussing and teach him how to successfully make his own outfits in the future.

We come up with several “uniforms” for different situations Tony encounters in day-to-day life, like attending school, going out with his wife, and delivering presentations, as well as addressing how to adapt these uniforms to the changing seasons of Upstate New York. We discover the fit issues that Tony commonly experiences so we can identify brands that best cater to his body type. And we also establish what some of the critical missing pieces are in Tony’s wardrobe, so that when he goes shopping, he will be armed with a specific list of needed items and his efforts will be targeted for maximum effect with minimal time spent.

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1 - Gray Jeans

2 - Navy Jeans

3 - Light Blue Dress Shirts

Tony’s description of this session at 2:05 in the Light Blue Shirts video is an excellent analogy for how these styling sessions give my clients the training necessary for styling themselves in the future.

4 - Pants and Shoes

5 - Suits

Still the same man in a lot of ways – just reborn in better clothing

Shortly after connecting with Loren North, I was intimidated. Something was stirring in me, and I was beginning the transition in my departure from the familiar world of hoodies to the unfamiliar world which would rebuild my wardrobe. As I got closer and closer to my virtual meeting with Loren North, I was filled with anticipation – and sprinkled with slight anxiety. I genuinely knew that I was on the right path and that, eventually, everything would work itself out. Yet, I was intimidated because something had stirred in me; The realization that things would never again be the way that they were before. I was filled with hope for the new knowledge I would learn in the new chapter of my life, but I was bidding goodbye to the rugged soldier, the camouflage uniform and even the calm shores of Hawaii. Everything was about to change.

During the first part of my meeting with Loren North, we talked in-depth about my struggle of losing the identity I had come to associate with my uniform. She was sensitive to my story, my concerns, and my fears. She listened intently as I told her what I thought I wanted to gain during my time working with her. I was taken aback in this moment of revelation: from this moment on, I would be experiencing a renaissance.

During my first meeting with Loren, she got right to the point! She asked me what styles I liked and how I wanted to present myself. Following that, I showed her my closet, and she determined the gaps needed to be filled. I began to learn what items no longer served me the way that they had used to. We spent two hours discussing different outfits and the ultimate goal of working together. She compiled all of my information and to create my Lookbook- my style guide for the future!

After we identified what items had to go, I was faced with a closet – a closet that was really, really empty. Loren provided me with an in-depth, personalized Lookbook that included a mood board, photos, colour theory, shopping lists and videos. Each page was full of her expert tips and tricks. Loren left no stone unturned with my Lookbook, and that document would become a pivotal part of my world for some time.

On the first page of the notebook, Loren outlined my style as “Sophisticated, strong, and confident”. Three words that I had spent years identifying myself with. I realized: this transformation is huge but, I’m still the same man in a lot of ways – just reborn in better clothing.

Loren set out some primary goals for me. She had a unified colour palette for outfits to come together seamlessly. She mentioned that by using monochromatic tones, you’re creating a “V” silhouette, adding structure to your frame and adding visual interest with solid colours. My mood board included smart, business casual looks that featured smart layering and monochromatic shades. Everything that she had sent me was impressive. However, I still had to transform this into my own closet.

“Style is a way of saying who you are without having to speak.” – Rachel Zoe 

On my shopping list, Loren included an in-depth product list of what I was to purchase. Obviously, this shopping trip would be less overwhelming than the last one. On the list, she included: white trainers, bomber-style jacket, ankle socks, fitted t-shirts, LL bean t-shirts, olive green button-down shirts, and an olive jacket. I had told her I wanted to made a point to purchase sustainable menswear brands that will be high-quality and long-lasting.

This started to feel exciting now! Through Loren’s help, not only did I learn more about style in general, but I actually learned how I wanted to present myself on this journey. Shopping became fun again, and I realized that putting on clothes that fit my personality felt really good…

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