Why sustainable style?

Fashion as we know it is not sustainable.

We treat our clothes like trash and consume them instead of owning them. And it's not a trivial matter.

These startling numbers do not even account for the tremendous amount of resources needed for garment production including energy, water and pesticide use.

  • The fashion industry currently uses 98 million tons of oil to make synthetic fibers

  • It comprises 20% of the world's water pollution due to toxic dyes

  • And it generates 1.2 billion tons of greenhouse gases

    Which is more than some airlines, according to this NY Post article.

  • Approximately 145 million tons of coal and approximately of 1.5-2 trillion gallons of water go into fiber production every year

    2012 data. Source: Overdressed by Elizabeth Cline.

  • Cotton uses up to 25% of the worlds' insecticide use and 18% of the world's pesticide use.

  • Most garment workers are women who are not paid fair or living wages and frequently work in dangerous conditions.

    The Rana Plaza Factory collapse claimed over 1,100 lives and injured more than 2,000 people. Sadly this was not an isolated incident.

Continually shopping to create style and throwing away clothes does not help you build a wardrobe.

Our current fashion and shopping habits are not sustainable and they aren't good for our style either...

The virtuous cycle of owning your clothes


What you buy and buy the best quality you can afford


What you own with alterations or repair and shopping secondhand


Create new looks with what you own, keep clothes out of the landfill, and extract value from your existing items!

It's time to reduce, reuse, and restyle!

Many of my clients have closets full of clothes and accessories that they keep though they no longer wear these items. As a result, they have closets full of nice clothes but "nothing to wear." They buy more clothes, and the cycle continues. In the end, they haven't developed their sense of style and their closets are temporary homes for their clothes. They are not creating wardrobes but are just mindlessly shopping.

Nothing to wear and what I do differently to create sustainable style

When I work with my clients, I break this consumption cycle by restyling the clothes they own to create new outfits and shop for them at consignment stores and/or from sustainable brands. It is possible to be stylish and shop from secondhand sources or purchase new clothing from responsible, ethical and sustainable sources. I have been doing this for years. Sustainable style means creating a wardrobe, it means investing in clothes you want to keep that honor your style, and it looks just as good or even better when you shop secondhand!

If you would like to learn more about my work, the process and the transformation that comes from working with a stylist, I would love to chat.

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