What Makes a Business Sustainable?

Sustainability is comprised of three pillars – people, planet and profit or social, environmental and economic.

A sustainable business is one that builds its business model around all three (not just one) of these pillars.

Here’s what makes my styling business a sustainable business:


Giving back to non-profits in the community including:


At my home:

  • Compost food waste via Recycled City
  • When I need to “dry clean” my clothes, I use Organic dry cleaning
  • Recycling within City of Phoenix
  • Driving my car less than 7,000 miles a year - biking and walking when I can
  • Am committed to a zero waste journey – see below.

Giving back to environmental, non-profits in the community (and nationally) including:

Shopping secondhand for my clothes, shoes and accessories and as many home goods as possible.

I’m committed to a journey to reduce the waste and plastic I generate by using the following products:


Working with local businesses as part of my business:

Supporting a number of locally owned businesses including:

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