Personal Stylist Online Virtual Styling Session

After designing Gitte’s signature style, we’re ready to deep dive into Gitte’s closet. Watch as I shop the clothing Gitte already owns to create outfits that reflect her signature style.  As we do this, I help her practice the principles to successfully style herself in the future.

This time can be so crucial together, because many of my clients wear their clothes in the same way day in and day out. I look at all the potential in her closet and put together outfits that align with the style she wants to portray.

These videos range from 1 ½ minutes to just over 6 minutes long and are meant to show you examples of what’s possible with your clothes. Many of us get stuck because we put limitations on our clothes. Such as that shirt only goes with those pants. You could never wear that skirt with those shoes, those colors don’t match, etc. What you will learn is:

  • There is SO much potential in your closet,
  • All of us wear our clothes the same way, day in and day out and we need a new way to look at our clothes,
  • By having a signature style firmly established, we can see how we can wear our clothes in new ways by using that signature style framework as a guide.
  • A professional can provide that extra support to help you get out of your comfort zone and try new things that you end up loving.

1 - A Blue Dress

2 - A Blue Skirt

3 - A Brown Dress

4 - A Gold Skirt

5 - Pumpkin Colored Separates

6 - An Asymmetrical Top

7 - A Batwing Sweater

8 - A Ribbed Knit Skirt

9 - A Purple Top

10 - Styling Wrap Up and Takeaways

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