The journey to magnificence

Welcome to Part 1 of this three part series of my work with my client Gitte (follow her here). Follow her journey and transformation! You will watch an unscripted journey following the process of how I work Gitte to find her signature style, help her restyle her existing clothes and shop her closet - all done virtually. 

Gitte and I uncovered a lot of things that were holding her style back and in turn she realized were also holding her back from the impact she wanted to make. You may have made a similar connection between your style and what you want from your life.

Watch how I work through Gitte’s style struggles, the breakthrough of what was really holding back her style and the connection between her style and what she wanted for her successful business. Look for places that you relate to what we are discussing.

Watch the transformation that occurred during my time with Gitte Lassen, and hear from her about how styling has impacted her life.

Gitte Lassen

Meet Gitte Lassen.  Gitte works with women to discover and pursue their souls’ work for magnificent success. While Gitte is excellent at inspiring others, Gitte wasn’t feeling inspired in her own wardrobe. She put effort into acquiring individual pieces that she loved, but she felt that her clothing still wasn’t reflecting the magnificent woman she had become.  Gitte realized that it was time to more authentically represent herself and put the style capstone on the powerful transition she had been completing in her life.

Watch as Gitte progresses through my Design Your Signature Style session. This is a Virtual Styling session where you can see what magic we are able to work with Gitte’s clothes and me providing some styling education. Then hear about Gitte’s results, which reach far beyond her closet, in her own words in a feedback interview.

Gitte’s Design Your Signature Style Session

1 - Clarifying the Vision

Before her session with me, Gitte gave me more details about her – answers to questions in a prep form, photos of items she likes to wear and a Pinterest board to show me the ideal style she wants to portray. This prep work helps inform me of the vision of what she wanted her signature style to be. During our time together, we uncover what’s no longer serving her, what is working for her and what her preferences are regarding clothing colors, silhouettes and more. We had fun, laughed a lot and made a ton of progress to create her magnificent, mystical and sophisticated style.

2 - The Breakthrough

Every session has a breakthrough of some kind.  Watch as we identify a crucial element that will hold Gitte back from her signature style if not changed.

3 - Career Effects

How we dress impacts how we work and how we’re perceived by those with whom we work.  Here, Gitte and I discuss how her signature style will influence her interactions with her clients.

4 - Body Shape Concerns

Like most women, Gitte has some body shape concerns that she would like to address with her signature style.  I help Gitte learn about the right clothing silhouettes and lengths for her body’s individual shape.

5 - Closet & Outfit Discussion

To understand how Gitte organizes her clothing items and how they look together as a whole wardrobe, we do a brief overview of Gitte’s closet. We discuss a particularly stunning dress that will be part of her signature look. I help her understand what will support or detract from her desired magnificent signature style.

6 - Pinterest

As part of her prep work, Gitte created a style inspiration Pinterest board. This is so crucial to the process as it shows me the vision she has for herself. Here we dive deep into what styles and colors from her board will work particularly well for her.

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