Bring your resort vision to life with iconic team styling

Your property has been reimagined, rebranded, and renovated.

You’ve established new taglines, brand pillars, slogans and updated your logos.

Décor, ambiance, furnishings, menus, and more have been thoughtfully planned and executed.

And now you’re ready to reopen but there is one more critical part that needs to be addressed.

If you’ve renovated your physical setting and space without considering your team’s style, you’ve left out a crucial piece of the transformation.

Your team’s style must be a harmonious, visually pleasing extension of your setting or their style can detract from the guest experience appearing disconnected and distracting.

Extend the luxury experience for your guests. Bring your resort vision to life with your team’s style.

When your team’s style complements the décor and setting, they become an extension of the brand and story. They add to the guest experience instead of subtracting from it.

And most importantly, they become confident in themselves because they’re secure in what they’re wearing. All of which adds up to a bespoke experience for your guests and clients.

Hospitality Team Styling

Styling is available for both your uniform and non-uniform teams. We collaboratively establish the vision for your teams’ style that aligns with your brand, mission, and values. I interpret that inspiration into a tangible style direction and dress code.

For uniform teams, uniforms are selected so they’re an extension of the overall setting and align with the given roles of each uniform team area. I bring the vision to life through style guides presenting the dress code and photos of your teams wearing the uniforms demonstrating the nuances of a flattering uniform presentation.

For non-uniform teams, I bring the inspiration to life through style guides presenting the dress code, photos of your team members presenting outfits that fit the dress code, and workshops that teach the dress code plus my signature styling strategy. They will have the tools and knowledge plus be empowered to style themselves for flattery and create outfits in alignment with the dress code while honoring their personal style preferences.

And this is all done with sustainability in mind as my work has always focused on reusing and restyling my client’s existing clothes plus shopping resale. This will be taught to your non-uniform teams so they can confidently create new outfits using their existing clothes and shop for new things to them – either from retail or resale sources. If you want to reuse/repurpose existing uniforms, that can be done for your uniform teams.


You can expect full ownership of your dress code

Global Hospitality styling services include full project management support from me and ownership of the style program for your property for the duration of our agreement. While you will be involved in decision making, you will not be burdened with actively managing this project. I’m bringing my background as a former project manager plus my work as a personal stylist together to create a comprehensive solution for you.

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