How do I know which service I need/How much do these services cost?
I offer a variety of services to  work with me one-on-one in person or virtually. If you want to work with me one-on-one, you can reach about how that works here. If you want to discuss your style and which service is best for you, I offer complimentary 30-minute phone calls to discuss your style goals, the styling process and together we decide if it will be a good fit. Contact me here.

Do I need to organize my closet before working with you? 
No, you don’t. It is my job to help you create outfits from what you own. You don’t need to purge, clean or organize ahead of time. There is no judgment here. 🙂

Should I shop before working with you? 
It’s not necessary. I recommend holding off on shopping until after we work together to Design Your Signature Style. This is because you will have a whole new way of shopping and know what to look for that aligns with your style. If you have recently purchased items, keep the tags on and save the receipts until after we work together- either Design Your Signature Style or in person for personal styling.

Do you work with men?
Yes, I work with men and women. Check out my Just for Men page.

Do you work with recent graduates or young adults entering the workforce?
Yes, I work with teens, recent or soon to be grads and young professionals.

How do I pay you? Do you take credit cards? 
Terms of payment are outlined in a service agreement. I accept cash, check or credit card.

Design Your Signature Style

What is Design Your Signature Style?
This is the first step in the styling process designed to clarify your style preferences, understand why you wear the things you do and explain why you avoid certain things. We use color, textures, body frame, lifestyle, preferences to develop your signature style. This leads into personal styling and personal shopping. Contact me to get started.

How does the Design Your Signature Style process work?
This service is done virtually via webmeeting. You need a computer, laptop or tablet with a webcam. You will not be showing me your closet. You don’t need to have your closet organized or cleaned out. There is a prep form that you are asked to complete as part of the scheduling process for Design Your Signature Style. That prep form asks for photos of you, typical outfits you wear and a photo of your closet. It helps to have them ready to upload from your computer before starting the scheduling process.

What do I get from Design Your Signature Style?
You will have a recording of our session. You get a lookbook which includes a style summary, your photos with my style guidance, color theory, resources including blogs and videos to support your style plus I prepare a moodboard as further style inspiration for you.

Personal styling

What is Personal Styling?
Personal styling is bringing what is on the inside of you to the outside. It differs from celebrity or photoshoot styling in that it focuses on styling you based on your lifestyle, preferences and is for your day to day activities. I offer personal styling in my clients’ homes or virtually. Virtual (or digital) styling is when I work with my clients via the internet using Skype™ or webmeeting.

How does personal styling work?
When we work together in person (not virtually), the session will last approximately 2 to 3 hours depending on how many clothes you have and what looks I am putting together for you. This time spent in your closet is to “restyle” what you own to create new looks and outfits (shopping your closet). I will be documenting outfits as you try them on for your lookbook. After the session, I will prepare the lookbook and shopping list.

How does virtual styling work?
Virtual styling is done via webmeeting and starts with Design Your Signature Style. You get all the benefits of working with me in person. This includes an outfit review session, a shopping session using online consignment stores, and a fitting.

Personal Shopping

What is personal shopping?
Personal shopping is when I go to a local consignment store and pull the clothes ahead of time. What I do differently is that I shop for you not with you. After I pull the clothes, my clients meet me for an appointment to try on the clothes. This dramatically reduces the time my clients would spend shopping on their own, the pulls are targeted for my client’s style and most of the items fit.

How does personal shopping work?
I shop either at consignment stores OR online from online consignment stores or sustainable brands. If you are in the Phoenix metro area, I select the consignment store(s) to shop at and select the clothing ahead of time for you to try on. You purchase what you want the rest goes back on the rack. If you have chosen online, personal shopping, I create a list with the items, sizes, colors and you purchase them. Depending on the service you select, I come to your home while you try them on (and photograph you) or we will do the fittings via webmeeting.

Do I need to book styling and shopping together?
No, you don’t. You can work with me initially for restyling and then complete shopping at a later date. However, unless we have determined together that there is nothing in your closet to restyle, personal styling must be completed before personal shopping.

Do you shop for shoes and accessories?
I will target those items if you have gaps in those areas.

How do you choose the stores?
The stores will be selected based on the service offering you choose. If you elect the option to shop at local, secondhand stores, I will select the store based on a combination of your size, style, and budget. If you have elected for online shopping, I will give you a detailed shopping list of items, sizes, colors and stores to order from. We will then have a follow up session via webmeeting or in person for you to try on the items and get style guidance.

What about virtual shopping?
I will provide you a general shopping list from an online consignment store to fill in the gaps in your closet. An additional service includes a detailed shopping list of items, sizes, colors and stores to order from. We will then have a follow up session via web meeting for you to try on the items for the fittings.

What do these styling terms mean?

What is a closet review/audit? What is restyling?
When you work with me, a closet review (or audit) means that I review what is in your closet to put together outfits. Restyling means I will work with what is available in your closet to create outfits to achieve your target style. Inevitably, some items will not make the cut and you can take them out of your wardrobe rotation or donate/consign them. I do not make you throw away, purge or get rid of items if you are not ready. However, if you are ready to purge items in your closet, I can help you with that. Sometimes, we just need an objective opinion to help with the decision of whether an item should stay or go.

What is a lookbook?
A lookbook is a digital “book” in pdf format with photos from your closest restyling and from the outfits you try on during shopping (if you choose that service when working with me). The lookbook will feature tips and tricks so you can create looks beyond the photos as well as ways to accessorize and elevate the look through the use of footwear and accessories.

What is a moodboard or style board?
A moodboard can mean different thing to different people. For me it is a board you create on Pinterest to show me the style you want to portray. You may already have one created which makes it easier. This board is created to reflect your style including clothes, shoes, and accessories. You are painting a picture for me to understand your ideal style. Then I make it happen for you!

Other Questions

Where should I consign?
Consign where you buy. Do your homework and find a favorite consignment store in your local area or online. It’s much better to create an account at a store where you are likely to shop so that when you buy clothes you spend little to no money on the new purchase. Additional info:

Where should I donate?
Donate where your values align or where it is easiest for you. Do not throw away your old, clothes and shoes even if they are sweaty, torn, or stained. Thrift stores typically work with a recycler to which they send the items they can’t sell at the store. If you aren’t sure – ASK! If you don’t ever shop thrift or consignment, then use your donations for good and donate them to a store that helps families, children, animals or people re-entering the workforce.

What should I do with my old clothes/shoes/accessories?
First step – do not throw them away! Find a local thrift or consignment store.

If you don’t want to donate or consign in person, then check out online options such as:

Blue Jeans Go Green – Recycle your jeans into insulation

Give Back Box – Send your unwanted items in your used shipping boxes

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