It's time for your personal style transformation


It’s time to set yourself apart with your personal style

You’re not satisfied with your style, the results you’re getting and how you’re showing up.

You could continue to shop to create style- buying the wrong things, bringing them home, wearing some of them, not wearing others (and yet keep them) and wasting your time and money.

You could continue to outsource your style – shopping with friends, family, store shoppers and/or buying what the mannequin is wearing. And wonder why you don’t wear most of what you buy.

You could continue the formulaic approach. Reading the checklists, books and other formulas that tell you what to wear to be stylish but without actually being relevant to your style.

You could continue to purge, organize and declutter your closet. Thinking that once you have an organized closet somehow your style will come into focus. Or alternatively, you could continue to hoard, holding onto “someday” clothes or sentimental clothes. Unsure why you’re keeping them or how to wear them, but “someday” you may want to wear them.

You could continue to do it yourself. Pinning outfits on Pinterest, watching YouTube videos, shopping online and taking advantage of all those sales. But not getting the results you want because you have no direction for your style.

And even worse, because you’re not getting the results you want, you blame yourself, your body, your weight, as to why you don’t have the style you want.


You could make a different choice.

You could choose to be intentional with your style.

Instead of putting it off, hoping things will change, doing the same things again and again expecting different results (hello insanity!), you could choose differently.

Choose to invest in yourself – because you know you’re worth it. 

Choose to hire a mentor – because you know it’s the fastest path to mastery.

Choose to make this year different – because it’s time to take a stand for yourself.

Choose to stop letting excuses run your life and instead take action to get the results you want.

Choose to stop trying to figure it out on your and take a step into the unknown.

Elite Style Mastermind for Women -
an intimate group style program to take your style from accidental to intentional.

I created this program to give you my process, my strategy and more so you get the results you want. 

  • You get content and a course – for those of you who like to learn and be guided by a mentor. My course Successfully Style Yourself teaches you my five step process to achieve lasting, sustainable style. 
  • You get accountability because the program progresses you through each lesson as you complete the prior lesson and you meet with me monthly as well. This is to avoid a situation where you put it off, get to it “someday” and wonder why 6 months have gone by and nothing has changed. 
  • You get access to me via monthly virtual coaching sessions so you get my insight on your style and you get the results you want faster. When you get my eyes on your style, I’ll see what you can’t, showing you how to step out of your comfort zone and expanding on the vision of what’s possible for you and your style. (Access to monthly calls is open for 6 months. We meet monthly on the fourth Tuesday of the month via zoom.)

This mastermind program includes a web-based course that’s divided into five modules—each with a video and worksheet- including:


Get to know yourself as it pertains to your style


Use Pinterest to discover your style with a step-by-step process


Get organized and let go of things that no longer serve you


Shop your closet to create new looks


Shop for new-to-you things

Plus monthly group coaching calls with me!



In addition to all of this, I have added some helpful bonuses for you.

  • Printable Stylist in Your Closet guide with color theory and more to help you to decide what to wear each day
  • Best practices on how to care for your clothes so they last
  • Packing guide for travel and vacation
  • Measurement cards and how to take your measurements

Elite Style Mastermind

The investment in the mastermind program is $2,500.

Claim your spot now.

The Elite Style Mastermind is open to join anytime.

Join now and start your personal style transformation.

Free on-demand training:
How to create the style you want without having to buy an entirely new wardrobe.
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