Your team is showing up a little too comfortable with what they wear when working from home.

Loren E North stylist

If you’ve noticed that your team is:

  • Not dressing as professionally as they used to,
  • Showing up to web meetings in baseball hats, tank tops (or worse),
  • Not as productive or focused as they used to be, and/or
  • Prioritizing comfort vs. dressing for the job …

It’s affecting your bottom line.

And that’s just what you see.

Inside your team is likely bored with what they’re wearing, aren’t sure if they should dress professionally at home, are making comfort a priority, don’t feel as polished as they used to,  and are second guessing their outfit choices. That affects how they show up for the job each day - whether it’s in person or virtually.

Showing up professionally still matters, and it influences how your teams present themselves, whether they’ll be focused for the day or not, and of course is a critical part of a first impression. 

Even when working from home.

This was not as important before as being physically in the office created the framework for your team to focus in. And it created the environment for them to dress appropriately.

Because they were seen in person, it created the expectation that they need to dress for work. When that framework is no longer present, something else needs to take its place; therefore dressing professionally matters more now than before. 

Your team can be empowered to create and design their own professional style that reflects who they are as individuals, whether working from home or in the office, and it doesn’t involve a corporate work-from-home dress code.

Having a polished style is not elusive or available only to certain people. Everyone can learn how to embody their style within the framework of a professional setting. 

You definitely met my expectations.

"The most valuable part of the presentation was when you discussed the importance of dressing the part even when working from home."

- Jill B., Climatec

Welcome to The Strategy of Style

This workshop provides the strategy for attendees to create a style for themselves so they can wear, with absolute confidence, more of what they own, build a wardrobe that authentically represents them and have a strategy they can apply to all areas of their lives - personal and professional. Confidence in any area of life shows up at work.

When your team dresses for the job, their performance improves, they are more focused, attentive, creative and more - all because they embody and become what they’re dressed to do.

This corporate style training teaches your team how to develop a work appropriate personal style that reflects individuality AND that doesn’t involve a formulaic approach to force them into the confines of specific dress codes.

This is an eye opening workshop as I’m integrating sustainability and style so they will learn why it matters that they wear more of what they own and how doing what’s right for the planet is also what’s great for their style.

She had a great personality for the group - Kept it light, but still seen as an authority.

“I hired Loren to speak to my team of 70 young professionals in a corporate setting. Not only did she bring important tips and link confidence to style - which is very important in business - but the team was much more engaged during her presentation than usual. Loren is a great speaker on top of being an incredible stylist.”

- Gina G., Veeva Systems


This presentation provides an overview of my signature five-step process that will teach attendees:

  • The process to discover their personal style
  • A whole new way to look at their clothes to create new looks
  • How to restyle and reuse what they already own (extracting value from their clothes)
  • How to achieve lasting style for themselves to end the mindless shopping
  • A strategy to shop effectively and efficiently when they’re ready for new items
  • Work from home best practices - what’s appropriate when working from home, three questions to ask about any outfit and more!

Preview the Content and What to Expect from Corporate Style Training

“I would highly recommend Loren to groups wanting to provide a “Dress for Success” session for their employees. The group gave very positive feedback on Loren's presentation. She left us wanting more. Her tips are simple, practical and relatable to a wide variety of audiences. I loved it and my group loved the presentation. If we had more time, we could have continued.”

- J. Martin, Western Alliance Bank


Take your corporate marketing and branding to a new level with custom corporate styling

Integrate your company’s brand with your team’s professional style.

Corporate Style Branding is the way to expand and extend the corporate culture you’ve developed. A way for your people to dress for the day that supports that culture, allows them individual, self-expression and done in a way that doesn’t leave them second guessing what to wear.

Corporate Style Branding distills the essence and message of your company/organization to visual interpretation. This visual guidance is used to create the style direction your organization.

Your people become part of the message.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the pricing structure? Corporate style training pricing starts at $1,500 for a standard 1-hour workshop for up to 25 attendees. The workshop contains fixed content. The standard workshop is available to be expanded with additional content and/or customized for your organization for an additional fee. Schedule time, below, for us to discuss the best fit for your organization.

Can customized solutions be created for my organization? Yes, customized workshops and corporate style branding for your organization are available. Schedule time, below, for us to discuss the best fit for your organization.

How long is this and what is the format? The workshops can be provided virtually or in-person. I can host on Zoom or you can host using your virtual meeting software. For a standard workshop with predetermined content, plan on 45 minutes with time for Q&A. Three worksheets are provided ahead of time for attendees to print and refer to.

What this workshop is not:
This is not the fashion police, body shaming, what to wear, what not to wear or a checklist of ten things to wear to be stylish.

What this workshop is:
I'm teaching the process I use with my clients that anyone can apply to their own personal style. Plus I'm teaching the elements of flattering style and how to assess what's appropriate to wear for work and work from home. This workshop is gender agnostic and teaches universal guidance for menswear and womenswear.

Will this work for “everyone”?
Yes, this presentation is gender-neutral. It teaches the strategy of style instead of focusing on specific outfits or clothing items to achieve style. This presentation teaches attendees my signature process to create their own personal style. It is geared for menswear and womenswear.

Will this be applicable in a professional setting?
Yes, the process teaches them how to define their style and create outfits in alignment with that. So they can craft their own signature style just for work.


Get started.

Schedule time to speak with me to learn more about this workshop for your organization.


Praise for the workshop

"Great reminder with intentional shopping and changing my view on second hand stores!"

"I'm totally in the mood to go to a thrift store right now. 🙂 I will create a Pinterest board and dig a little deeper about knowing myself. Thanks for the helpful tips and tricks!"

"I really enjoyed the class! I learned how to shop mindfully! I can hardly wait to put the ideas into practice!"

"Had no idea clothes are filling up our landfills, that was good information to keep in mind while shopping, great information, organizing my closet would be very helpful, overall a very good presentation with lots of information"

"I truly enjoyed the presentation. I wasn't sure what to expect, however, after the presentation, it opened my eyes to look at my clothes differently. Sort them by work, weekend, play, as opposed to shirts, jackets, sweaters, etc. Very informative and interactive."

- Sandra (attendee)

"My biggest take away is focusing on quality vs quantity as well as using the available secondhand shopping resources. It can be hard to commit to spending more money on something up front, but it really is worth it for pieces that will stay with me as my core pieces for quite some time instead of going for those cheaper items that will wear out quickly. I found the whole presentation really helpful. I have been guilty of not dressing fully for my work from home days so that is something that I am going to try to change. Thank you!"

- Alyssa (attendee)

Free on-demand training:
How to create the style you want without having to buy an entirely new wardrobe.
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