It was a great experience and exactly what I needed.

"I was in exactly the right phase of my business to need to get this wardrobe makeover done. And my current philosophy is that I don't have time to waste so I need to accelerate my efforts in all areas as quickly as possible! Loren has a great personality for this line of work, friendly yet professional and confident in her expertise."

-Marie B.

Client Results

"I would recommend working with Loren because she has a good formula for getting to the bottom of someone's style while still advising them on how to achieve their unique look in ways that are current and classic. I have a better eye for trends vs. classic staples as well as an understanding of proper fit. I am now aware of fit in a new way which was necessary as my body is changing."

Michele P.

I still get compliments at work! "Before working together, I would put my outfits together in the same way as before - I would have put my boots on and I never would have worn the light colored shoes. This small change felt great...even the shoes were comfortable! One of my coworkers asked where was I going dressed this way! After one month of our time together, I have gotten so many compliments about how I look...and all it took was a wardrobe change!"

Tracy R.

I feel elegant and confident... "As I am relaxing into this, my anxiety about who I am, how I might look, am I a freak of nature- all have been lifted from me. I feel so confident! I have a style! A color palette!

And your holistic, graceful and confident sense of style, complemented by your intuitive sensitivity, gives me the seal of approval my 73 year old soul longs for! Thank you!"

Nancy W.

Way more than what to wear... "It was way more than someone telling me what looks good on me and what I should wear. Instead, I felt like she was really helping me find my style. She wasn't telling me any "rules" but helping me define my own style guidelines.

I never once felt judged. I felt respected and embraced for who I am. There was lots of confirmation that I knew my style and confirmation that my style is perfect for me. I don't have to look like everyone else. Well worth the investment."

E. Garcia

One of the best investments I've ever made... "Loren is very skilled, non-invasive, easy to work with, intuitive, and professional. It is, by far, one of the best investments I have ever made. I recommend her often to my friends and colleagues!"

Cinthia H.

I can now easily pinpoint my "just right" outfits ... "I wanted Loren to help me identify my professional style. I have gone through a recent career change and divorce and wanted to find and update my personal style. Since working with Loren, I can now easily pinpoint my "just right" outfits and have gained confidence in my appearance. In addition, my closet is more organized and there is less stress in picking out outfits."

Amy A.

Self-confidence is elevating… "I am SO happy with my wardrobe, and it has been having subtle but very good effects. My self-confidence is elevating, I am doing the right thinking about my clothes and accessories (it's the fashion equivalent of stopping eating at fast-food restaurants and moving toward better meals in nicer establishments, LOL). This is exactly what needed to happen for me at this stage of my life."

Monique W.

Totally exceeded my expectations... "To come in under budget and get a WHOLE NEW WARDROBE was amazing and totally exceeded my expectations! I obviously loved the shopping process. But I also enjoyed the diagnostic where we went through my clothes and pulled the ones that would fit best within my new style goals. I definitely ended up getting rid of clothes that I didn't love/didn't fit anymore, which is always great. I've also begun organizing my closet more! Yay!"

Jenny S.

Awareness how an outfit can change your entire mood... "I feel I have expanded my options giving me more choices and flexibility with my clothing. I have gained self -confidence and an awareness of how an outfit can make you feel. It can change your entire mood. I would recommend you to anyone struggling with their wardrobe."

Bobbi K.

WOW! What a great experience!  "Seriously, I don't think I ever want to go shopping for clothes by myself ever again. Not only did it take all of the stress out of going through rack after rack of clothes, but I now have so many new outfits and outfit combos! And the amount of money I saved! Had I bought everything new it would have cost over $1,000. I walked out paying under $200 for 16 items (3 pairs of shoes and 13 tops, blazers, pants, and a skirt)."

Jacqueline D.

My mood is elevated by my outfit! ... Things are going great with my wardrobe! I am amazed at how much easier it is for me to put together a stylish outfit now that I've changed my thinking about my style and the clothes I wear When I'm stumped or just not feeling particularly inspired, I look through my Lookbook and just copy something from there. The biggest impact for me has been in my casual attire. I feel so much nicer when we go to the movies, and I actually think I have a better time because my mood is elevated by my outfit! It's made such a difference and I can't thank you enough!

Delia N.

It was more than I expected and a delightful surprise.  I have a much better idea of my style and how I ended up with too many clothes. I loved that you were unflappable but still enthusiastic.  You were very understanding of my difficulties in identifying the style I wanted and how to get there. It has been a terrific experience and I will highly recommend your services to my friends.

D. Griffin

I never wonder whether something cute will look good on me. Now the question is, does it align with my style? And that is far easier to answer. This is for anyone who feels like they could be more stylish "if only" they had (insert whatever hangups they have). Do it now, define your signature style. Style isn't about what happens after. It's happening all the time. 

Kathleen C.

Looking good without losing weight... "I came to Loren thinking I had nothing to wear and I had to lose weight to achieve the look I wanted. But Loren showed me that my biggest challenge was my shoes. I couldn't wear certain outfits because I truly didn't have the right shoes to pull it off. Loren went through my closet with me to put together outfits that I was comfortable in, then took stock of the shoes I needed to pair with the clothes. That way, our shopping experience could be more productive."

Abby H.

So pleased with your expert advice... "Loren, I loved working with you throughout the process, you were direct and solid in your recommendations for changes and updates to my wardrobe. You know the short term outcome was to prepare outfits for studio portraits in my design business. The portrait session is done and I am very happy with the work we were able to do together. I am so pleased with your expert advice and the outcome of these images. I continue to recommend your services to other professionals."

Julie W.

I wear my clothes in a new way and get complimented… "I could tell that you had looked at my pictures and made notes on how they worked/didn't work for me. Also, I could tell that you had looked over my Pinterest board and were prepared to suggest ways to help me find the style that I am drawn to.

It was nice to discuss options for my body type that I hadn't previously considered and ways to wear desired styles so that I could achieve my look and look good. It's always nice to get that kind of advice, so I can then go into my closet and wear my clothes in a new way and get complimented for it!"

Angella B.

Whether we like it or not, how we present ourselves matters to how others perceive us... "I was kind of expecting "What Not to Wear." I really appreciated that Loren didn't throw away my whole wardrobe! She actually helped me to create quite a few "new" stylish looks with a lot of what I already had. I basically got a whole new wardrobe very inexpensively! I highly recommend Loren! She was a pleasure to work with. Whether we like it or not, how we present ourselves matters to how others perceive us. I would recommend her to anyone that wants to project more confidence, success and do it in an affordable and sustainable way."

Barbara E.

I really enjoy shopping now... "The two biggest benefits I've had from the audit was picking out outfits or items at the store (less guesswork on what to aim for) and time saved in the mornings figuring out what to wear. I really enjoy shopping now, which I didn't before. Normally I wouldn't invest the effort and give up on items, but I'm more in tune with how to make items work for me now. My confidence has increased when picking out items to pair up and buying." 

Lee-Anna W.

Loren made me feel so comfortable! "I had a closet restyle and shopping session with Loren. I am looking forward to opportunities for going out with co-workers and friends as I avoided that in the past. She just made me feel so comfortable! That was the most important thing for me! I thought everything was great."

Erin G.

Fantastic job of listening to the style I was trying to achieve... "This experience exceeded all my expectations.  She did a fantastic job of listening to the style I was trying to achieve and worked with me to see what items I already owned and gave me great ideas on how to use them to put new looks together. The personal shopping experience was fantastic. Loren pulled items ahead of time so that everything was ready for me to try on when I got to the store. She was very knowledgeable on whether a piece of clothing could be altered if it was something that I liked enough to spend the money on that. She found a lot of great items that are now part of my wardrobe. She was able to make all that happen and still come in under the clothing budget we had discussed."

Kristen S.

Went to a meeting and got multiple compliments on my outfit! "I went to the monthly Chamber of Commerce meeting this morning. During the mingle time I got 3 or 4 compliments on my outfit and how good it looked! It was stuff that had been in my closet and you helped me to put it together -- bright blue blazer (that had been repaired), black & white striped shell, short chunky black and clear necklace, black pants, and black shoes." Thank you!!!!!!

Barbara C.

10 Times easier and quicker to pick an outfit..."After you were here, I purged tons of tops. You'd be proud of me. I stuck to your "rules." I am psyched about purging shoes and pants. The nicest part of this huge purge is that when I've gone to the closet the past 2 weeks it's been 10 times easier and quicker to pick an outfit! This is all thanks to you!"

Pam T.

So much fun... "I've definitely been in a rut style-wise for a while. Loren makes it SO easy! By selecting the styles before I got there, it eliminated a lot of the grunt work associated with shopping and trying to find things that fit. It was so much fun trying on everything that she picked out for me and trying new things. Also, the lookbook and tips she sent afterwards are a great resource."

Amanda H.

I just wanted to give you a very big THANK YOU! Today was amazing, it was really neat how you were able to curate such a diverse and extensive wardrobe in such a short amount of time. Thank you for incorporating my theme so well and pushing me out of my comfort zone. So excited! I have really been enjoying all of the variety in my wardrobe. I've never experienced having multiple casual options that still look sharp. Thank you again for such an awesome experience, it means a lot.

Sarah K.

"I just wanted to say thank you so very much for helping me this week. It truly made a difference in me and the way I look at clothes. I actually went home and put some back on to admire our purchases. That is the other thing I want to thank you for… I cannot believe how many clothes we got for the amount of money spent. What a realization. I would have only gotten two things for that price!"

Mary R.

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