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When Marie came to me, she had just written a book, had speaking engagements, TV appearances and much more. What she didn’t have was time or awareness around her style.

She wanted to convey that she is very ”personable, professional, and trustworthy.” And she wanted to give “great first impressions in interviews, speaking engagements, and individual meetings.”

She didn’t have the time or awareness around style to achieve her goals.

After I designed her signature style, restyled her clothes creating 20+ outfits, and shopped consignment for new items, she had the wardrobe makeover her new phase of business required.

"I was in exactly the right phase of my business to need to get this wardrobe makeover done. And my current philosophy is that I don't have time to waste so I need to accelerate my efforts in all areas as quickly as possible! Loren has a great personality for this line of work, friendly yet professional and confident in her expertise."

Marie B.

“I am grateful that I had the chance to work with you. [Ahead of her upcoming travel.] Since I'm driving (and I plan to be gone for a few weeks), I will be bringing my large suitcase. And I am so happy that I will have plenty of cute outfits to wear, thanks to you.

Wishing you the best for your future! You are so kind, caring and competent. You deserve it! “

Valerie H.

Valerie H., AZ

Sarah felt that style didn’t come naturally to her and wasn’t sure if she ever looked professional enough. Now she’s not afraid to dress herself well.

“You demonstrated a lot of compassion and respect for where I was and an eagerness to take me to the next level. You also helped me be strategic in my clothing purchases and plans for future purchases. I was also amazed by the side bonuses, such as showing me how to clean my clothes more effectively and less often.

Your process is incredible, each of the three sessions built well on each other and helped me trust you when we actually went shopping.

Loren, you are one of the best people I've ever worked with - I am so grateful that you were here to help me through a pregnancy/COVID transition into work and casual life. You gave me so much joy and confidence in styling. I miss meeting and learning from you each week; am excited to have a long working relationship with you as seasons and life circumstances change. Thank you for your joy and helping me not be afraid of dressing myself well."

Sarah K.

Elizabeth went from hating everything in her closet to loving every single piece I found for her.

"I'm an attorney who had reservations about consignment boutique shopping. I try to be open-minded so I gave Loren a chance to make me a believer. Boy do I believe.

On the very first day I wore one of the outfits Loren shopped for, a woman stopped in federal court to tell me she loved my shoes. Loren shopped a whole new wardrobe for me. I'm glad I purchased everything. I love every single piece! Loren nailed my style! My personal power and confidence has soared.”

Elizabeth T.


Maria realized she had much more to wear before even going shopping and has a whole new way to think about combining her clothes into outfits.

"After spending 30+ years in Corporate America management, my style needed to reflect the new me. Loren immediately understood that and showed me how to use the classic styles in my closet in a whole new way.  I ended up having much more to wear than I ever thought possible, without even shopping for more. 

But then, we shopped to fill in the gaps. THAT was the best shopping experience ever. Who would not want to go to the boutique, meet Loren in the dressing room and have a rack of clothes already picked out for a private fitting.  Gaps filled!  

Now I have great combinations that keep the classic style in and the corporate style out. I love going into my closet now because I know I have a whole new way to think about combining tops, jackets, slacks, shoes and accessories.

I highly recommend working with Loren if you want a fresh look at how you are showing up in the clothes in your closet ... and the investment is very reasonable.  For me, it turned out to be priceless!

Maria T.

Vicki never wanted to be described as “dowdy” and after working together she is the happiest she has ever been with her clothes.

“This whole process began when I overheard two ladies discussing an acquaintance, similar to my age, whom they dubbed as “dowdy”. I came home, surveyed my wardrobe and decided I never wanted to be described as “dowdy”.  This was my lightbulb moment when I realized that I needed some help with creating a more stylish look and thus the start of my fashion adventure with Loren.

Loren is a joy to work with.  She is a great stylist and really encouraged me to change my style from shorts and t-shirts to a more put-together and sophisticated look. Working with Loren has inspired me to step-up all pieces of my wardrobe including gym clothes. I am the happiest I have ever been with my clothes. 

She makes the process fun but is totally honest and will tell you when something does/will not work. Everyone should  have a Loren!”

Vicki P.


Tara went from feeling "dull and sad" with the clothes she had and that her body was "undressable" to feeling "beautiful and feminine" with luxurious clothes that make her look "elevated and confident."

“I needed to take a step forward in my self-confidence and stop being so wishy-washy about who I am. Loren understands style, how our emotions and minds play games with us and our style choices, and she was willing to go incredibly precise with what I was looking to achieve. She can harmonize looking fantastic with feeling comfortable and totally unique.

After working with Loren, I now have a mix-and-match arsenal of beautiful, HIGH-END clothes that feel luxurious and make me look elevated and confident. I used to feel dull and sad with the clothes I my body was "undressable.” Loren removed so much doubt, self-judgment, and confusion I had around my body and what I thought was possible for my style. I'm not settling with my style anymore!

I would recommend Loren's services for anyone looking to feel more confident in themselves, but especially for performers and achievers who make big changes in their lives and want their new growth to be reflected in their style. Any woman who wants to command authority while still looking beautiful and feminine, needs to book a session with Loren!”

Tara G.

Skylar no longer has a love/hate relationship with clothes shopping because she knows how to feel confidently beautiful with her signature style.

"It’s so hard to talk about all that Loren has done for me without going into my whole life story regarding fashion, self-esteem, and my love/hate relationship with clothes shopping. The closest I can get to a short version is this: there is a very clear distinction in my mind of “Before Loren” and “After Loren.” She showed me all the ways I can express myself with clothes and helped me find pieces that say what I’ve been wanting to for a long time.

The confidence I’ve gained from feeling beautiful in my clothes every day has made a world of difference in my daily life. I think about things Loren taught me literally every day and I’m so glad I got the opportunity to work with her. Style isn’t “just clothes.” It’s about self-expression, commanding how others perceive you, and living your best life.

If you’re someone who values being in control of your appearance, Loren has a wealth of knowledge and advice that will benefit you for years to come! She is knowledgeable, attentive, and truly excellent at what she does.”



Camille went from complacent to congruent with her style. Shedding her past to step into her future.

Camille was stuck in the past. She was stuck in the past and she clung to these items. She felt lazy and overwhelmed with all the stuff she had. She felt vague, complacent and wearing whatever was easiest. She didn’t know where to start to make changes.

“My style is not bad but it's vague. I have a lot of clothes - some of which I bought, but most of which my mother gave/gifted me. I have never made the time and effort to define my style for and by myself.”

During her first session with me, we discovered her Bespoke Signature Style - Fierce, stunning, elegant. Her clothes from the past were let go if they no longer served and supported who Camille was becoming or they were restyled in new ways to feel congruent for Camille’s next stage in life.

And styling was just the start of her massive changes this year. A few months after her work with me, she quit her job, started a business and is in a new relationship. How’s that for a transformation? Congratulations Camille for making the bold leap into the next phase of your life!

Camille N. (Italy)

Before working with me, my client went from feeling “frozen” with multiple closets packed full of clothes to having over 40 outfits created in just one session.

“My closet is full and even though I have some stylish pieces, it all seems so boring. I am currently frozen with a closet packed with clothes and nothing to wear that is comfortably stylish.

 You were very understanding of my difficulties in identifying the style I wanted and how to get there. I knew I was in good hands. I loved that you were unflappable but still enthusiastic. We made much headway and more than that, I have a much better idea of my style  and how I ended up with too many clothes.” 

D. Griffin

D Griffin

Erica came to me desiring a minimalist wardrobe and even had tried a uniform approach of wearing the same things every day. After working with me, her closet now feels like a wardrobe tailored for her.

"Before consulting with Loren, my closet did not feel like a cohesive wardrobe, and instead felt like a mismatch of clothes. Through the virtual styling process, Loren identified my signature style, coached me on how to put outfits together, helped me identify missing pieces from my wardrobe and suggested resources to buy them, and most importantly, gave me tips on using what I already have to create cohesive outfits. I feel more confident and happy in what I’m wearing, and I’m spending less money and time shopping. My closet now feels like a wardrobe that is tailored for me!”

Erica W. (Seattle)

Mary was was frustrated and knew she needed professional help. Now after working with me it has made a difference in how she feels about herself and how she looks at clothes. 

Before working with me on personal styling and shopping, she was frustrated with her current style choices and knew she needed help defining her style. Plus she wanted to learn how to shop and put outfits together that look classy and age appropriate.

"I just wanted to say thank you so very much for helping me this week. It truly made a difference in me and the way I look at clothes. I actually went home and put some back on to admire our purchases. That is the other thing I want to thank you for… I cannot believe how many clothes we got for the amount of money spent. What a realization. I would have only gotten two things for that price!"

Mary R.


When my client Amanda came to me she had a functional wardrobe - many of the same things and style in different colors and everything looked “basic and not fun.” After working with me, Amanda is more excited to get dressed in the morning and pick out outfits that go well together.

“I've definitely been in a rut style-wise for a while. Loren makes it SO easy! By selecting the styles before I got there, it eliminated a lot of the grunt work associated with shopping and trying to find things that fit. It was so much fun trying on everything that she picked out for me and trying new things. Also, the lookbook and tips she sent afterwards are a great resource.

I am more excited to get dressed in the morning and pick out outfits that go well together. I’m more conscious of what I’m wearing and even what others are wearing.”

Amanda H.

Pam had a closet full of nothing to wear. After I defined her style and shopped her closet, she “sees” the outfits in the clothes making it much faster for her to get ready each day.

Before she shared - “I feel like I have more than enough clothes but never have anything to wear. Of course, I do have plenty to wear but somehow I want it to be easier when I go to my closet to pick out an outfit!”

Now: "After you were here, I purged tons of tops. You'd be proud of me. I stuck to your "rules." I am psyched about purging shoes and pants. The nicest part of this huge purge is that when I've gone to the closet the past 2 weeks it's been 10 times easier and quicker to pick an outfit! This is all thanks to you!"

Pam T.

Barbara came to me wanting to look ‘pulled together’ and not frumpy. Now she receives multiple compliments on her outfits. 

“I went to the monthly Chamber of Commerce meeting this morning. During the mingle time I got 3 or 4 compliments on my outfit and how good it looked! It was stuff that had been in my closet and you helped me to put it together -- bright blue blazer (that had been repaired), black & white striped shell, short chunky black and clear necklace, black pants, and black shoes." Thank you!!!!!!

Barbara C.

“Loren helped me identify the essence of me, then the essence of my work and finally bring both out with my style.”

"If you're like I used to be, everything about dressing nice and wearing nice clothes was too materialistic and too shallow, and I would not be caught paying attention to any of it. I would've been so ashamed of myself. On my journey to empowerment that changed and I started paying attention to looking nice without going overboard.

Loren helped me first put words on the essence of me, then the essence of my work and finally bring both out with my style. With my shift in business focus, it became unexpectedly important that what I wear is an accurate reflection of who I am and what I stand for and what I offer my clients.

You nailed my style so accurately for me that even with all the huge life and business evolutions I’ve gone through in the last 2 years, the style you helped me nail is so essentially me that it hasn’t changed at all."

Gitte L.


Erin wanted her style to say she is confident! But she was stuck in her work uniform because she didn’t know what to wear for social events with friends. She didn’t take the effort to change and at times she would decline social invitations because she knew her work scrubs weren’t right. 

Now she has over 20+ outfits for all seasons that she can enjoy and wear out with friends.

"I had a closet restyle and shopping session with Loren. I am looking forward to opportunities for going out with co-workers and friends as I avoided that in the past. She just made me feel so comfortable! That was the most important thing for me! I thought everything was great."

Erin G.

Tony learned how he wanted to present himself and discovered that the right stylist can help curate YOU.

“Loren understood that, for me, my closet was a part of my identity. She knew that a wardrobe was more than just pieces of clothing styled together. This was more than a business transaction for me – it was the first step to an entirely new life that I had spent years dreaming about. I knew that Loren would be the perfect fit for this huge transformation.

Loren outlined my style as “Sophisticated, strong, and confident.” Three words that I had spent years identifying myself with. I realized: this transformation is huge but, I’m still the same man in a lot of ways – just reborn in better clothing.

Through Loren’s help, not only did I learn more about style in general, but I actually learned how I wanted to present myself on this journey. Shopping became fun again, and I realized that putting on clothes that fit my personality felt really good…

One of the most considerable investments that I had ever made was in my personal style. The right stylist can help curate YOU – how you want to present yourself, what you hope to achieve with a first impression and how to improve your confidence in a way that you never knew was possible. Only months later, I have found myself happier than I ever expected.”

Tony N.


Barbara used to be someone who cared and had fun with how she presented herself. Before working with me, she blamed her body as the reason her style wasn’t coming together for her. Now she projects confidence and success personally and professionally. 

“After two babies, learning to dress my new body has been challenging. I used to be someone that cared and had fun with how I presented myself. I had lost a lot of that. Also my body type is nowhere near the typical model body type so things that I like on other women often don't look good on my frame.

I was kind of expecting "What Not to Wear." I really appreciated that Loren didn't throw away my whole wardrobe! She actually helped me to create quite a few "new" stylish looks with a lot of what I already had. After working with Loren, I regained a lot of confidence and am enjoying fashion again.

The confidence, success and professionalism I project both personally and professionally has been phenomenal. People really do relate to you differently. And the head turns and jaw drops are really fun!

I highly recommend Loren! She was a pleasure to work with. Whether we like it or not, how we present ourselves matters to how others perceive us. I would recommend her to anyone that wants to project more confidence, success.” 

Barbara E.


I wear my clothes in a new way and get complimented…

"I could tell that you had looked at my pictures and made notes on how they worked/didn't work for me. Also, I could tell that you had looked over my Pinterest board and were prepared to suggest ways to help me find the style that I am drawn to.

It was nice to discuss options for my body type that I hadn't previously considered and ways to wear desired styles so that I could achieve my look and look good. It's always nice to get that kind of advice, so I can then go into my closet and wear my clothes in a new way and get complimented for it!"

Angella B.

"I would recommend working with Loren because she has a good formula for getting to the bottom of someone's style while still advising them on how to achieve their unique look in ways that are current and classic. I have a better eye for trends vs. classic staples as well as an understanding of proper fit. I am now aware of fit in a new way which was necessary as my body is changing."

Michele P.


So pleased with your expert advice...

"Loren, I loved working with you throughout the process, you were direct and solid in your recommendations for changes and updates to my wardrobe. You know the short term outcome was to prepare outfits for studio portraits in my design business. The portrait session is done and I am very happy with the work we were able to do together. I am so pleased with your expert advice and the outcome of these images. I continue to recommend your services to other professionals."

Julie W.

Emily went from feeling unapproachable in her “unkempt clothes” to having people wanting to know who she is and where she shops.

“I was in desperate need of guidance. Mentally and emotionally I was lost. I carried a lot of self-doubt when it came to fashion. I have more faith in my own abilities now. I’m learning to enjoy the creative process that is pairing colors, patterns, and textures. 

Working with Loren has given me a new something to connect with people about. I think that before Loren, in my unkempt clothes, I looked unapproachable. These days people want to know who I am and where I shop.

With Loren's help I realized change didn't have to be hard, so I'm making changes in other aspects of my life as well. Take the plunge! Do this for you because you deserve it."

Emily C.


Looking good without losing weight...

"I came to Loren thinking I had nothing to wear and I had to lose weight to achieve the look I wanted. But Loren showed me that my biggest challenge was my shoes. I couldn't wear certain outfits because I truly didn't have the right shoes to pull it off. Loren went through my closet with me to put together outfits that I was comfortable in, then took stock of the shoes I needed to pair with the clothes. That way, our shopping experience could be more productive."

Abby H.

After working with me to discover her style, restyle her clothes and shop for clothes and shoes to create over 20 new outfits, Tracy is in a whole new routine with her style.

Tracy's background was all about wearing uniforms in school and professionally. She did not have a style all her own nor did she have any practice in creating outfits herself. She admitted to wearing the same things over and over again and most times did not feel as good as she would like or should reflect.

She wanted to dress nicely - rather than a routine of sweats and a t-shirt. She wanted to dress how she feels. She had made many changes in her life to feel good about herself and didn’t think she did a good job of dressing herself.

After discovering her style - classy, fun and sexy - restyling her very limited wardrobe and shopping for clothes and shoes to create over 20 new outfits (all from consignment), Tracy is in a whole new routine with her style.

"Before working together, I would put my outfits together in the same way as before - I would have put my boots on and I never would have worn the light-colored shoes. This small change felt great...even the shoes were comfortable! One of my coworkers asked where I was going dressed this way! After one month of our time together, I have gotten so many compliments about how I look...and all it took was a wardrobe change!"

Tracy R.

Nancy W

I feel elegant and confident...

"As I am relaxing into this, my anxiety about who I am, how I might look, am I a freak of nature- all have been lifted from me. I feel so confident! I have a style! A color palette!

And your holistic, graceful and confident sense of style, complemented by your intuitive sensitivity, gives me the seal of approval my 73-year old soul longs for! Thank you!"

Nancy W.

Way more than what to wear...

"It was way more than someone telling me what looks good on me and what I should wear. Instead, I felt like she was really helping me find my style. She wasn't telling me any "rules" but helping me define my own style guidelines.

I never once felt judged. I felt respected and embraced for who I am. There was lots of confirmation that I knew my style and confirmation that my style is perfect for me. I don't have to look like everyone else. Well worth the investment."

E. Garcia

Testimonial photo of Erin

One of the best investments I've ever made...

"Loren is very skilled, non-invasive, easy to work with, intuitive, and professional. It is, by far, one of the best investments I have ever made. I recommend her often to my friends and colleagues!"

Cinthia H.

I can now easily pinpoint my "just right" outfits ...

"I wanted Loren to help me identify my professional style. I have gone through a recent career change and divorce and wanted to find and update my personal style. Since working with Loren, I can now easily pinpoint my "just right" outfits and have gained confidence in my appearance. In addition, my closet is more organized and there is less stress in picking out outfits."

Amy A.

This is exactly what needed to happen for me at this stage of my life.

"I am SO happy with my wardrobe, and it has been having subtle but very good effects. My self-confidence is elevating, I am doing the right thinking about my clothes and accessories (it's the fashion equivalent of stopping eating at fast-food restaurants and moving toward better meals in nicer establishments, LOL)."

Monique W.

Jenny S outside

Totally exceeded my expectations... 

"To come in under budget and get a WHOLE NEW WARDROBE was amazing and totally exceeded my expectations! I obviously loved the shopping process. But I also enjoyed the diagnostic where we went through my clothes and pulled the ones that would fit best within my new style goals. I definitely ended up getting rid of clothes that I didn't love/didn't fit anymore, which is always great. I've also begun organizing my closet more! Yay!"

Jenny S.

My client Bobbie knew she was not showing up as herself - self-described as “outgoing, fun-loving and confident.”

“I struggle with finding an entire outfit. I can find pieces I like but can't seem to find a whole outfit. It can be frustrating.”

After my styling and shopping services, not only did she have 40+ outfits but she realized the difference in her mindset and attitude.

"I feel I have expanded my options, giving me more choices and flexibility with my clothing. I have gained self -confidence and an awareness of how an outfit can make you feel. It can change your entire mood. I would recommend you to anyone struggling with their wardrobe."

Bobbie K.

WOW! What a great experience! 

"Seriously, I don't think I ever want to go shopping for clothes by myself ever again. Not only did it take all of the stress out of going through rack after rack of clothes, but I now have so many new outfits and outfit combos! And the amount of money I saved! Had I bought everything new it would have cost over $1,000. I walked out paying under $200 for 16 items (3 pairs of shoes and 13 tops, blazers, pants, and a skirt)."

Jacqueline D.

Delia went from having a mid-life crisis with her style to being amazed at how much easier it is for her to put together a stylish outfit.

My client Delia came to me wanting to look dynamic and energetic but feared she was sliding toward sloppy and frumpy.

“I’m a 51 year old professional and I’m having a mid-life crisis with my current style - in the interest of trying to maintain a little edginess in my relatively conservative wardrobe, I’m afraid I’m sliding toward sloppy and frumpy. I am unhappy with much of my wardrobe and continue to make bad choices when buying clothes.”

And she knew fear and frustration were holding her back.

“I have some rigid ideas about what I look like and where my "trouble spots" are on my body. I'm not sure that my ideas are accurate, and I know that I avoid a large number of clothing possibilities because I'm obsessed about the size of my butt or flabby upper arms or the loose skin on my neck.”

After working with me to discover her signature style, creating over 30 new looks from her clothes and shopping for new-to-her things at consignment, she has a whole new outlook on her style.

“Things are going great with my wardrobe! I am amazed at how much easier it is for me to put together a stylish outfit now that I've changed my thinking about my style and the clothes I wear.

When I'm stumped or just not feeling particularly inspired, I look through my Lookbook and just copy something from there. The biggest impact for me has been in my casual attire. I feel so much nicer when we go to the movies, and I actually think I have a better time because my mood is elevated by my outfit! It's made such a difference and I can't thank you enough!” 

Delia N.

Kate came to me hating to shop for clothes and getting frustrated in the fitting room. Now she feels confident in her appearance and projects the presence she wants personally and professionally. 

“This was my first closet audit experience, and since it was going to be done remotely through Skype I was a little skeptical. Loren was fantastic!!  It felt like she was with me in person through the entire experience, holding my hand as we walked through each piece of clothing. This experience was invaluable; I was able to get rid of items that no longer fit, didn’t look good on me, or were no longer in style. I now feel much more confident in my appearance in both work and casual settings. I feel like I now project the presence that I want, and I look fantastic doing it.”

Kate M. (West Virginia)


"I was spinning my wheels before, wasting both time and money.  Not only do I feel that I can go out and shop for my style, I love that I have widened my choices by delving into consignment stores which I have avoided in the past.  It feels good to give a gently used piece of clothing or purse a second shot!

I originally did this as I wanted to see what you did and my daughter loved her experience.  I didn't think that it would be a game changer for me; but I was wrong.  I see my personal style so much differently now and feel equipped to go on my next shopping experience to bring home items that I will love and use for years to come.  Thank you so much!"

Rhonda W.


"I had fellow actors calling me a style king and one of the people with the best fashion."

“I've gained a sense of confidence in my style after working with you. I feel comfortable taking some outfit risks and knowing that I always have a stable base to fall back on now. I feel really solid with my style right now, where I'm shopping, and outfit planning.

I now approach my closet with an eye for color and how different types of clothing all work together to form outfits. I try to look at how clothes fit, and make sure that they convey the type of person and style that I want to portray.

I would heartily recommend working with you to anybody who has any questions about their style, clothing, or anybody who just wants a professional, talented opinion on what looks good on them. I feel so much more educated after working with you when it comes to fashion.”

Xavier V.

Kristen wanted to find a way to dress comfortably, appropriately and show that she’s also a fun person. After I shopped her closet and at the consignment store, she has 15+ outfits to wear.

"This experience exceeded all my expectations.  She did a fantastic job of listening to the style I was trying to achieve and worked with me to see what items I already owned and gave me great ideas on how to use them to put new looks together.

The personal shopping experience was fantastic. Loren pulled items ahead of time so that everything was ready for me to try on when I got to the store. She was very knowledgeable on whether a piece of clothing could be altered if it was something that I liked enough to spend the money on that. She found a lot of great items that are now part of my wardrobe. She was able to make all that happen and still come in under the clothing budget we had discussed."

Kristen S.

I never wonder whether something cute will look good on me. Now the question is, does it align with my style? And that is far easier to answer. This is for anyone who feels like they could be more stylish "if only" they had (insert whatever hangups they have). Do it now, define your signature style. Style isn't about what happens after. It's happening all the time. 

Kathleen C.

Lee-Anna wanted to show the world she’s approachable, put together and professional. She now has go-to outfits that save her time getting ready each day.

"The two biggest benefits I've had from the audit was picking out outfits or items at the store (less guesswork on what to aim for) and time saved in the mornings figuring out what to wear. I really enjoy shopping now, which I didn't before. Normally I wouldn't invest the effort and give up on items, but I'm more in tune with how to make items work for me now. My confidence has increased when picking out items to pair up and buying." 

Lee-Anna W.


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