You’re looking at the wrong label

If you’re looking at the wrong label, it’s impacting your personal style.


If you’re buying for the brand, then your style is generic.

If you’re chasing the label, then you’re trying to look like everyone else.

If you’re going for the highest price tag, then you’re trying to buy style.

Stop pursuing the things that will get you nowhere.

It’s not the logo, designer or price tags that matter.

It’s the fabric type and where the clothing is made.

Yes, sometimes price and designer have a lot to do with quality but oftentimes the “designer” items are produced on the same assembly line as everything else.

And that means you’re paying for a logo not quality.

Logo doesn’t equal luxury.

Fabric type matters way more than designer name.

If you’re chasing labels, brands, and price tags, you’re pursuing the wrong goal.

You’re searching externally instead of starting from within. And you’ll never achieve the style you want.

I can help you truly discover what your unique style is so you can wear clothes for who you are and who you want to be. Contact me to start your transformation. 

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