See What It’s Like to Work With an Online Clothing Stylist

online clothing stylist

Work with an online clothing stylist!

Are you ready to go behind the scenes and see what it’s like to work with an online clothing stylist? I’m so excited to share a video series of my work with my client Gitte done virtually (she lives in Italy!). I’m sharing the journey and transformation that comes from working with a professional stylist – me!

What you will find during this journey is that you share some or all of the styling goals and frustrations that my client Gitte had. During the journey to magnificence, you will see how I uncover what was holding back my client, Gitte – how styling related to a big transition she was going through with her business and her life, plus how she could more fully express herself.

The style journey

Gitte and I uncovered a lot of things that were holding her style back. Through this process she realized what was holding her back from the impact she wanted to make. You may be facing similar realizations in your life as well.

Gitte was struggling with the finishing details to her style – she liked her wardrobe overall but knew something was missing. It didn’t feel “complete.” Perhaps you have a wardrobe that works but want to elevate your appearance. Or maybe you want to receive guidance on how to wear what you have in new ways.

She wanted to have an awesome, bold style that reveals who she is but it was also important for her to be comfortable in her clothes. The majority of my clients want to be comfortable while presenting a style that honors who they are. Do you ever feel that you can’t have both – being comfortable while looking great? Good news – IT IS possible!

Gitta was also in the process of refocusing her business. This was a major milestone in her career and life. What about you? What major life transformation are you starting, or have you just gone through a big change and you know that styling is the part that is missing? Even a change such as a milestone birthday or moving to a new city or state can trigger these feelings of wanting your appearance to align with the newness that you’re experiencing.

Start watching the Journey to Magnificence!

Check out some of the outfits she created a few months after our work together that authentically represent her!

If you’re ready to experience your own transformative results, you can get started here.

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