What It’s Like to Work With an Online Clothing Stylist

Gitte’s style transformation set her up for a $115k month.

And it all started by her dressing in her signature style so she could show the world who she is, revealing her true magnificence and making it visible through what she wears.

Gitte came to me happy with what was in her closet but aware that something was missing. She liked most of her things, but some of it was no longer compatible with who she was becoming. She was part bland and bold and she wanted to be 100% bold in her choices.

During our virtual sessions (she’s based in Florence, Italy), I crafted her signature style and worked with her existing clothes to create 20+ new outfits.

Immediately after our work together she felt different when she wore clothes from her old style vs. wearing new signature style clothes.

She discovered that when wearing clothes in her old style, it made her feel ‘less than’ and diminished her presence and power. But when wearing clothes in her signature style she could feel “the boost in confidence, presence, power and self-worth.”

Every time she put on her new signature style clothes, she would think “that’s who I am now.”

And yeah, that’s pretty great.

But there was even more in store for Gitte.

Gitte and I worked together in 2018. She was going through a big personal transformation as well as having recently closed her business of 26 years, and was existing in a place of “not-knowing” regarding just about everything in her life.

In 2020 it happened for her. She hit a 6 figure sales month, doing her genius work.

*THIS* is what happens when you dress for who you’re meant to be, embody and become.

You start by trying out that next version of yourself.

You dress like her and your presence changes and how you show up changes. You do what the next version of yourself would do. Your goals are achieved. And your life changes.

Gitte literally became who she was dressing to be. It took styling, plus massive personal development and building a new business.

But styling was the first step.

“Loren helped me first put words on the essence of me, then the essence of my work and finally bring both out with my style. With my shift in business focus, it became unexpectedly important that what I wear is an accurate reflection of who I am and what I stand for and what I offer my clients.

You nailed my style so accurately for me that even with all the huge life and business evolutions I’ve gone through in the last 2 years, the style you helped me nail is so essentially me that it hasn’t changed at all.”

Because the thing is for Gitte “it was never really about the clothes. It was about helping me figure out who I am. And who I want to show up as in the world. Taking who I am and making it visible to everyone else.”

Gitte you nailed it!! Congratulations!

Watch as Gitte shares in her own words what it was like to undergo a style transformation.

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