Travel style tips – pack light for fall travel to Quebec

Travel style fashion tips for fall travel to Quebec – combining work and play

In this post I’m sharing ideas for outfits and what I packed for a week in Quebec (in the fall) for both work and play using one bag (a carry on size bag) without having to buy a new wardrobe.

It can be overwhelming to pack/plan a trip for a week (or more) but when you add in a work/play element, it can be more stressful. IT IS possible to dress casually and comfortably without looking sloppy and messy. You have everything you need in your closet, you just need to look at it differently. Get ready to shop your closet.

Here’s my easy packing guide for a weeklong getaway in the fall with options for both work and play.

How to pack for a week in Quebec, the process –

  • Know how you travel and what you will be doing each day. When it comes to a long week in two or more locations, it is crucial to know what meetings you’ll have, who you’ll be meeting with and what you’ll be doing on your off time. When streamlining what you pack for travel, it pays to know what you’ll be doing each day.
  • Check the weather. I wrote this post for a fall trip to Quebec – it was the perfect weather and I knew I would be cold because of where I live so I made sure to take layering pieces. It also happened to rain quite a bit so I had a rain hat. Check the weather before you go. I tend to check about 3 days before packing and again the day before for any drastic changes.
  • Start with the shoes. This is a crucial part of my packing strategy and one I invite you to consider. This is because shoes are heavy, bulky and take up valuable space in our luggage. Always start with the shoes. Why? Because when you start with the shoes, it automatically limits and refines what clothes you will pack. The shoes will dictate the silhouette and color of the clothing you pack. You don’t want your entire closet to be available for packing. You have to narrow down the selection somehow. Start with the shoes.

Here’s a packing list to help …

This is probably the lightest I’ve packed for a weeklong trip AND where I was 100% happy with what I packed. My husband had a work conference and I was working at the hotel where we stayed so my working clothes weren’t as crucial, but I did go out each day for sight seeing plus we had time in Montreal before his conference strictly for vacation.

What you’ll notice in the pictures, is how strict the color palette was. I ended up having more than enough even though I packed so minimally, probably because it’s on the strictest I’ve been with color palette when packing. I had endless combinations and quite frankly, this could form the basis for a capsule wardrobe in and of itself.

See how all of these pieces go together and how to create outfits with what I packed:

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