Why waste an outfit when no one will see you in it?

Working from home impacted your professional appearance.

I mean, why bother getting dressed in “real clothes” when no one is going to see them. Why worry about your professional appearance when you’re working from home. Right?

You’ve convinced yourself what you wear doesn’t matter and you yourself are not enough of a reason to get dressed in “real clothes.”

Why waste an outfit when no one will see you in it?

Ummmm, that screams that you have no standards for how you present yourself.

You get dressed for you.

It doesn’t matter if anyone will physically see you in an outfit or not. You do it for YOU because you realize that you feel empowered and magnetic in a great outfit. It doesn’t matter if you’re going anywhere “special” or if you’re working from home. Your professional appearance still matters.

Because when you wear an outfit that makes you feel confident, you show up differently, your presence is powerful and you don’t hold yourself back.

My client Bobbie who wears a uniform for work had a really hard time finding clothes that matched her personality. She knew she was not showing up as herself – self-described as “outgoing, fun loving and confident.”

“I struggle with finding an entire outfit. I can find pieces I like but can’t seem to find a whole outfit. It can be frustrating.”

After my styling and shopping services, not only did she have 40+ outfits but she realized the difference in her mindset and attitude.

“I feel I have expanded my options, giving me more choices and flexibility with my clothing. I have gained self-confidence and an awareness of how an outfit can make you feel. It can change your entire mood. I would recommend you to anyone struggling with their wardrobe.”

What can you do change how you show up because you matter?

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