When do you update your uniform program?

A uniform program in need of an update may look like the following – the uniforms are incongruent with the décor and setting of your property, the uniform style does not align with your visual identity and brand, and/or your uniforms are dated. Let’s address each one…

  1. The uniforms are incongruent with the space – this occurs when the physical setting of your property or resort undergoes an update and renovation, but the uniform teams were not addressed. That means what worked before will no longer align. It will appear heavy, create a dissonance with the surroundings and even create a distortion for what your guests experience. This incongruence can be addressed by updating uniforms in tandem with any interior space updates. Which leads us to…
  2. The uniform style is not aligned with your visual identity. This happens when you’ve had a brand update, property renovation, or even just a part of your resort or property has been updated but not the uniforms. Any time you’re undergoing a brand update/refresh, visual identity update, change to your marketing, it’s crucial to do a visual assessment of your uniform teams. Do the uniforms align with the direction of the brand? Will their uniforms no longer be in-sync with the other brand updates you have planned? If so, it’s time to consider updates.
  3. Your uniforms are dated. This happens when #1 and #2 occur without any cause for review of the uniform program. The interior design and décor, the public spaces, and marketing/branding for your property are all updated preparing you for your future. And the uniforms? They’ve been left in the past. If you let this go on long enough, they will not just be incongruent but dated. Meaning they will look forgotten. In other words, like the team and their uniforms are meant to be invisible. Your people are part of your guest experience, don’t leave them behind.

Is your uniform program in need of an update? Let’s talk, learn more and contact me here.

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