What's Wrong With Your Style – Isn't What You Think: Part 2

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Do You Know What’s Really Wrong With Your Style?

I hope you gained some new clarity from Part 1 – what’s wrong with your style isn’t what you think. In case you missed it, Part 1 is all about the “background” stuff – things you may not even think affect why you can’t achieve the style you want. In part 2 I’m talking about the clothing/styling things you may not have considered that may be holding you back from achieving the style you want. Consider the following:

You don’t have style goals

If you don’t have a clear message you want to send with your clothes, the goals for yourself or what you want your style to say about you, that’s a big problem. How do you know what clothes to put together without any direction for your style? How do you know when you’re done and created the outfit you wanted if you don’t know what message you want to send? Consider hitting the pause button. Before you shop for any new clothes, ask yourself some questions about what you want to say with your style. Take some time getting inspired and writing down what you want your style to say about you.

You don’t have this tool

A full length mirror is the single most important tool for good style. I explain why in this video.

You’re afraid you don’t match

“Does it match?” is a common question, but it’s subjective and implies that you may be doing something wrong. Consider instead asking the question, “does it pair or does it coordinate?” You can use a tool to answer that and help get you started. Color theory isn’t a rule but it’s a great place to start and use as a guide to help wear your clothes in new ways and combinations. Learn how to mix and match your clothes easily.

Your shoes!

The majority of my clients have the “right” clothes for them and their style but the wrong shoes. Clunky, chunky, dated shoes will ruin any outfit. This is not a call to wear 5-inch stilettos. Issues with shoes can include (and I’ve seen all of these!):

  • Shoes that have a heel but the style makes you appear shorter.
  • Shoes that are broken.
  • Shoes that are way too casual but you wear them with every outfit.
  • Cheap, uncomfortable shoes that remain unworn (but they look cute!)

It’s time to invest in shoes, ladies!! In menswear, the shoes should be the most expensive part of the outfit. I propose it should be the case for womenswear. A great way to do this affordably is shop secondhand to get high quality shoes at affordable prices. Please note that high quality shoes are not the latest “it” shoe or brand. However, good shoes should cost $100 to $300 new and about $30 – $50 secondhand depending on where you’re shopping. If you find a beautiful, comfortable pair of shoes that just need some love to restore them to their former glory – consider a cobbler.

You keep your clothes for the wrong reasons

If the number of clothes that don’t fit you outnumber the ones that do – you probably hate looking at your closet. If you keep clothes because of memories, you’re living in the past; and if you keep clothes because you paid money for them, but wouldn’t buy them today if you saw them in the store, they don’t belong in your closet. If you wouldn’t buy the clothes again, let them go. If you can’t fit in them, you’re punishing yourself and if you’re living in the past, there’s no space for your future.

Last but not least – you don’t have this:

If you don’t have a problem with any of the above but you’re still not feeling stylish and are feeling frustrated and stuck, this may be why.

If this is daunting, overwhelming and you want help so you can feel and look great, I would love to hear your story and help you. Feel free to contact me here.

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How to create the style you want WITHOUT having to buy an entirely new wardrobe
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