These are not holding back your personal style

Rethink what may be holding back your personal style.

Is being stylish, pulled together and dressed well only attainable by people with unlimited disposable income and a dedicated room for a closet?


We tend to think (and this is especially true for women) that if we aren’t stylish, that something is wrong with us- we focus inward. Things like our bodies, our budgets, our closets, and our age. Those are not what’s holding you back in your style!

Your style has everything to do with who you are as a person. Bringing the inside to the outside is the definition of personal styling plus getting the basics of styling right which  many of us have never been taught.

Here’s what’s not holding you back from being stylish:

1. Your body –

Stop blaming yourself, torturing yourself to lose those last 10 pounds and hating your arms. Your arms, butt, thighs, height and size are not holding you back. What is holding you back is that you haven’t accepted your body and you focus on what’s “wrong.” But when you accept your body, you now have the freedom to dress the body you have now for flattery. Stop trying to hide and conceal, and while doing so make crucial mistakes – like wearing shirts that are the length of dresses just to cover your butt. Start looking at your body like a stylist.

2. The size of your closet –

I can’t stress this enough – when you have a large space for a closet or a closet the size of a room, you will fill it will all sorts of things. All different colors and silhouettes without any consideration if the pieces actually work together. You will then face decision fatigue, and end up wearing the same 20% of your clothes 80% of the time. Think quality over quantity and buying half as much but spending twice as much. An edited wardrobe is a stylish wardrobe.

3. Your budget –

Money has nothing to do with how stylish you can be. Trust me – this has been my journey for the past 8 years. I received more compliments on my outfits once I started shopping secondhand and wore higher quality clothes that were aligned with my style. If you can’t dress for flattery and don’t know how to assess the basics of style in your outfit – fit, silhouette and proportion – then it doesn’t matter how much the outfit cost, it will appear unflattering on you. This goes back to point #1 – understanding your body will help you create flattering outfits on any budget.

4. Your age –

Universally, my clients want to look age appropriate. They’re afraid of dressing too young and appearing as though they’re trying too hard and they don’t want to age or date themselves either. But your age isn’t what’s holding you back, it’s the lack of clarity around how to be appropriate for your age. As we age, our bodies change and so do our lifestyles. Even if our bodies don’t change, our priorities for our lives do so our clothes need to evolve as well. Have an honest conversation about your body and your style goals.

Where will you start? Will you recognize that your age is not what’s holding you back so you can move forward? Will you shop your closet and use what you have to create new looks?

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