What to Wear on a Travel Day: Airplane Travel

what to wear for airplane travel

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You have everything packed for your upcoming trip and now it’s the night before you leave, do you know what to wear on the travel day?

Selecting what to wear for your actual travel day can be a challenge! You may be traveling from one climate extreme to another (in the same day) and airplane temperatures can fluctuate from hot to cold and back. You also want to be comfortable, be able to move and possibly have to run from one gate to another. Travel day clothes have a lot of demands and this can be even more challenging when traveling for business.

Some Travel Day Wear Guidance

  • If you’re traveling for business, obviously yoga clothes are not an option. You can consider dark wash denim or trouser jeans (these can be actual denim or fabric that is dyed to look like denim).
  • Keep your separates business appropriate. This means no t-shirts, tank tops, sweat pants or sneakers. Consider a blouse and blazer with jeans, top and long cardigan, lightweight sweater with a scarf and ankle length pants.
  • Footwear should be comfortable but professional, such as booties, flats, loafers, nice sandals (flip flops don’t count), tall boots, or low heels.

If you’re traveling for vacation (not business) but still want to wear an elevated casual look (which I always encourage because you will feel much better when dressed nicely) consider:

  • Casual dresses. I love a long dress or maxi skirt especially in the summer. I generally don’t wear shorts and I refuse to wear them on a plane.
  • Skinny style jeans or ankle pants with a t-shirt. Have a scarf or wrap handy for a cool airplane or if your destination is cool. This can be as nice as wearing dark wash skinny jeans, with a lightweight sweater and flats or as casual as wearing joggers with a sweater and basic shoes.
  • Wearing a cardigan or jacket as the top with jeans. This is very effective when traveling from warm to cool climates. When you wear your jacket as the top, it’s much more comfortable when you leave the plane.
  • I tend to wear the same outfit to the destination and again on the return trip – that way it’s only been worn once before I wear it again. And I don’t have to worry about washing it during the trip.

Watch this video with some of my favorite client looks for travel wear!

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