What is Hospitality Styling?


Hospitality styling is using the marketing, branding, interior design, and ethos of your resort to inform the dress code and style of your teams. This can include both uniform and non-uniform team members. ⁠

When done properly, style guidance is developed with the end in mind – meaning you’ve answered the questions what experience do you want your guests to have as they progress through your property? What do you want them to feel? Why do you want them to keep coming back? ⁠

You’ve likely considered all of this when it comes to the design, furnishings, menu offerings and more. ⁠

But what about the dress code? Was it developed in a vacuum? Does it address business casual and hope for the best? Are the uniforms working as hard for your team as they do for you? ⁠

Your dress code can provide style guidance that embodies your brand and values. It can include nuances and details specific to your resort to set it apart. It can include your people so they have ownership and adoption of the dress code. ⁠And they become a living extension of your setting adding to the experience of your guests.

What people wear and how they feel about themselves affects their day. If they’re distracted, self-conscious and uncomfortable OR if they’re focused, confident and comfortable. Proper styling can make sure your teams in the latter and not the former. ⁠

And most importantly through education, styling and how to achieve a flattering appearance can be taught. It does not need to be elusive and available to the fortunate few – that is a myth.⁠ The basics of flattering style can be taught so everyone regardless of body type, age and budget can feel confident in their clothes.

Contact me to discuss your resort’s desires for iconic styling.

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