How to wear necklaces as part of your personal style

Accessories are a great way to add visual interest to an outfit, show your personality and showcase your personal style.

Wearing accessories also allows you to change the look of your outfits while still wearing the same clothes. Scarves, jewelry and footwear all enable you to change the look of an outfit so it seems new.

In this blog, I’m sharing three simple ways to get the most from your necklaces. Many of my clients simply don’t know how to wear the variety of necklaces they have, and they resort back to the 80/20 rule – wearing 20% of what they own 80% of the time.

These personal style tips are meant to help you get started and then you can continue experimenting and discovering what you like. Treat this advice as guidance, not rules.

Three simple ways to wear your necklaces (and get the most from them):

Use long pendant necklaces or even long chain necklaces when wearing higher neck tops (think turtlenecks, or necklines that start at the base of your neck). This helps to create a vertical interest point. When people are looking at you their eyes move up and down, which helps to create the illusion of height.

Fill the V – use the necklace to fill the “V” or “U” shape created by your shirt’s neckline. It will fill that area in and provide visual interest. This is especially helpful if you’re petite and want to draw people’s eyes up to help you appear taller.

Stack your dainty necklaces – if you have small chains or chains with small pendants, don’t let them get lost on you. Wear these necklaces as a stack, with two, three or more together. This is a great way to wear them and have them create some visual interest. I do this when traveling so I can pack small, lightweight necklaces and still create the looks I want.

Three Ways to Get the Most from Your Necklaces
Left: Fill the “V”
Center: Stack Dainty Necklaces
Right: High neckline? Try a long necklace


Wear your scarves in winter and jewelry in summer. This is something I just started doing this past year. I noticed this winter my jewelry game was non-existent! I kept the same stud earrings in and that was it. But I was wearing my scarves a lot. Not just my winter scarves to keep warm (I live in Phoenix) but my lighter weight scarves I typically don’t wear in the summer. It made me realize this was a teaching moment – why not rotate your scarves like they’re jewelry? This way you can use them for visual interest and wear them part of the year instead of feeling like you’re neglecting them. Make them a part of the plan.


See what works for you, your style and what you have in your closet. Try working with what you have and make a list of what you want but don’t have so you can shop intentionally and with purpose. Be patient as this takes times! You can’t make a selection in the last 10 seconds before you rush out the door.

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