How to wear black with black as part of your personal style

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Fashion Style Tips: When wearing any solid color outfit, do it intentionally instead of accidentally.

Do you love black? Have you been told you can’t wear all black? In this post I’m sharing how to wear black with black (or any identical solid color) in the same outfit:

  1. Do it intentionally. Do not wear all black (or gray or navy, etc.) to hide or because you don’t know how to wear colors. In other words don’t wear all black together because you don’t know what else to do and this just “easy.”
  2. Mix textures of the separates. This breaks up the flat, visually uninteresting effect that is created when you wear all black (or any color) together in the same outfit, and
  3. Add layers, accessories and shoes to create visual interest.

Inspiration to get you started when wearing black with black (or any identical color in the same outfit).

These looks include a chunky sweater with basic black trousers as well as a t-shirt with jeans . However, those textures with the shoes makes these looks anything but boring. Also notice how the examples do not show shapeless sweaters with loose baggy clothing. You do not want to use the black to hide. You want it to be intentional as shown.

How to Wear Black with Black
How to Wear Black with Black

These looks include a basic sweater and pencil skirt with patent leather heels, a lightweight wool top with pleated skirt and silk pants with a cashmere blend sweater. Again, with the texture contrasts and shoes, these outfits are not drab and boring. The shoes in all of these examples are very intentional as are the pieces of clothing.

How to Wear Black with Black
How to Wear Black with Black
How to Wear Black with Black

What will you try to create looks with the same color in one outfit? Try experimenting with what you own and see what you come up with.

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