Uniform Selection Is Not The Same As Styling


Uniform selection is not the same as styling.

As you ready your space, new restaurant and bar or refresh a particular uniform team, you’re all set to review the catalog of options and start ordering.  

The question is – do you have context for your uniform program?  

Context is key and it is what makes styling different from uniform selection.

Styling is defined as bringing the inside to the outside. In this case it’s bringing the inside- the ethos of your property – to the outside – via your team’s uniforms.  

Context is what drives the uniform selection.

It’s what makes the dress code land. It’s what unifies one uniform area to another and another if you have multiple team areas.  

Context sets the stage.

Context includes the goals and first impressions you want your teams to make in their uniforms. Context is what helps the uniforms land and create resonance with the décor and interior design of your location. 

Context reflects the history, setting and location of your property/properties.

Context means you’re styling your team in a way that is in alignment with the setting. In other words, you’re not styling a mountain, ski resort in the same outfits as a resort on the beach. Context honors the sense of place, significance, and architecture of your location.  

Context is what helps you narrow down your choices.

Because you have goals, messages and intent defined you can easily eliminate certain options. Because you know your décor, setting and sense of place, you can home in on a certain color palette and silhouettes. Because you know the history and story of your property you can decide whether pulling in custom elements is necessary to set your uniform teams and distinguish your property. Because you’re acknowledging the location of your property, you can use that as a way of selecting those pieces that complement with the location instead of looking out of place.  

Context is also how you can help your dress code and uniform selection “land” with your teams.

When they understand that they’re part of the bigger picture, part of the story and are truly making the property come to life, it gives them the “why” which will help tremendously with adoption of the uniforms.  

Understand also, that context and styling do not mean ordering the most expensive items, putting your teams in black and white because it’s easy and what’s always done, nor does it mean doing what everyone else does even if you’re following a luxury property. This is your opportunity to become iconic with your property, resort, restaurant, etc. and that means doing things differently. 

Express the ethos of your property through by styling your teams and see your property come to life and enhance your guest experience.  

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