Your Personal Style Uniform

When you discover your personal style, you can create outfits that are YOUR uniform.

We all want simplicity and ease when creating outfits each day. And we often associate the concept of a uniform as just the thing to make our lives easier! However, there’s a BIG difference between wearing a uniform versus having a “uniform style” that compliments our personal style, and very few of us have achieved the satisfaction of having a “uniform style.”

Why is this? Because you’re not sure how to create outfits that are YOUR uniform and match your personal style.

You’ll resort to wearing the standard black, gray and white even though you hate black, gray and white.

You’ll try to wear all neutrals.

You’ll try a capsule or minimalist wardrobe so you have less items.

You’ll try wearing the same colored clothing items every day just like Steve Jobs.

And none of it will work.

Here’s why:

You haven’t determined what a uniform means to YOU.

When it comes to style, a uniform look creates simplicity because it’s representative of what’s important to you. And YOU have to be the one that defines what a uniform looks like for YOU.

That may mean it’s wearing the same set of colors but in vastly different silhouettes of clothes. For others it may mean wearing all the colors but in a very restricted type of silhouettes and cut of clothing. For some it may mean wearing the same type of clothes – dress and a jacket every day, for example but those pieces vary with colors and patterns. For some of you a uniform may be a very limited color palette, but you change the look with accessories such as jewelry or shoes.

When you know your personal style so precisely and concretely, what you wear each day and how you put together outfits becomes as easy as if you had a set uniform handed to you every morning.

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