Treat your personal style like an investment

You want to showcase your unique personal style – but you want it to be easy.

You want the clothes – but don’t want to spend time shopping for them.

You want to look like a “million bucks” – but you want it to be as cheap as possible.

Great style doesn’t happen like that.

You can’t have it both ways – cheap clothes and expensive looking outfits.

Effortless without any effort.

Uniquely you and ordered online on a whim.

Style doesn’t work that way.

And you’re probably really frustrated because you continue to shop, buying the wrong things and wondering why it’s not coming together for you.

It’s because you’re not investing time or money in yourself and your personal style. You don’t know what style you want to portray and therefore you have no idea what elements your style is comprised of. You’ve never thought about the goals for your style. Nor do you know what messages you want to send with your style.

Instead of buying and wearing clothes you are not confident in, invest your money to hire a professional like me, who can help you discover your style (yes, you have a style, even if you never knew it).

I work with clients who treat their personal style like an important investment. They aren’t looking for more cheap clothes, wearing the same thing as everyone else and are done trying to figure it out on their own. Having a lasting, sustainable style does matter to them. They understand the impact it makes in their lives – new careers, promotions, relationships and more.

Treat your style like an investment. Like Maria, who realized she had much more to wear before even going shopping and has a whole new way to think about combining her clothes into outfits.

“After spending 30+ years in Corporate America management, my style needed to reflect the new me. Loren immediately understood that and showed me how to use the classic styles in my closet in a whole new way. I ended up having much more to wear than I ever thought possible, without even shopping for more.

But then, we shopped to fill in the gaps. THAT was the best shopping experience ever. Who would not want to go to the boutique, meet Loren in the dressing room and have a rack of clothes already picked out for a private fitting. Gaps filled! Now I have great combinations that keep the classic style in and the corporate style out. I love going into my closet now because I know I have a whole new way to think about combining tops, jackets, slacks, shoes and accessories.

I highly recommend working with Loren if you want a fresh look at how you are showing up in the clothes in your closet … and the investment is very reasonable. For me, it turned out to be priceless!” – Maria T.

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