Two days in Seattle and Tacoma- thrift, consignment and retail stores

Got time to explore in Seattle or Tacoma? If you like exploring secondhand stores and unique boutiques when traveling, it’s a wonderful opportunity to find unique pieces. Anytime you’re away from your regular shopping spots, take advantage of it. Some of my favorite items have come from thrift stores while traveling because the variety and brands are different than where I’m based. Here are the places I visited and recommend. In two days I had to explore, I visited a number of stores and these are the ones I recommend (and why):

Megs and Mo Upscale Resale and Goodwill Blue – both in the Proctor District of Tacoma

In Seattle, I went to Gather Consignment (specifically in Columbia City), Retail Therapy and Pretty Parlor.

My decision to go to these stores was based on where I was staying (Tacoma) and my ability to get around on foot in Seattle.


To start I visited consignment store Megs and Mo which had a wide selection of coats, jackets, jeans and shoes. I really liked the variety at this boutique as it could serve as a substitute for a traditional clothing store and didn’t focus on specific trends or sizes. eco fashion Seattle

eco fashion Seattle

Goodwill Blue was a pleasant surprise as we don’t have one in Phoenix. Goodwill Blue shops like a consignment boutique rather than a typical thrift store. It features higher end/higher quality merchandise including clothing, shoes, accessories and home decor.

eco fashion Seattle

eco fashion Seattle

eco fashion Seattle


In Seattle I went to Gather which is an easy to peruse consignment store with a great selection. What I really liked about Gather is that I saw styles, brands, and clothing that I just have not seen before. Even though there is a lot of variety in secondhand, it can be repetitive due to the similarity in styles from many brands and stores, so finding a store with some different options was a pleasant surprise. eco fashion Seattle

Unique Boutiques!

I found Retail Therapy on google maps and went in and was so glad I did. Retail Therapy focuses on independent artists and designers as well as clothing that is made to last! I loved the selection of bright patterns in dresses and shirts. Seattle can be a palette of grays, navies, and blacks so this is a welcome visual relief and in particular, if you are looking for wrap dresses, look no fashion Seattle

The owner of Retail Therapy recommended that I stop at Pretty Parlor. On the way there, I deviated into the Capitol Hill Goodwill which was merchandized well and also had a wide variety and selection of clothes.

Pretty Parlor has a wonderful selection of local designers, secondhand and vintage reproductions, Like Retail Therapy, the color palette is vibrant and the styles are very unique. If you are looking for a distinctive dress in particular for a party or as a wedding guest, I encourage you to explore this store. eco fashion Seattle

eco fashion Seattle

Note: Please know that I am not working with any of these companies or stores and was not asked to endorse or mention any of the products in this post.  All opinions here are my own.

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