The most important thing you can do for your teams as they return to on-site work

Address this hidden cause of anxiety as your teams return to on-site work

Anxiety – It’s the thing affecting many people as they prepare to return to increased in-person engagement at work.

And one of the unknown causes of anxiety that impacts your teams every day is around what they’re wearing.

Even BEFORE the pandemic, people felt anxiety around deciding what to wear, around shopping, around preparing to pack for travel and social situations.

Consider these actual experiences that were shared with me …

  • “My anxiety is high over it [deciding what to wear] and it distracts from my work.”
  •  “Packing creates a whole world of anxiety.”
  •  “I have anxiety about what to wear when going out with friends, since I’ve gained a bit of weight.

And this is just one negative emotion – anxiety – other emotions that have been shared with me include sadness, fear, overwhelm, frustration, and more.

As a leader in your organization, you have the opportunity to address this hidden form of anxiety for your people.

And here’s how – by giving them the tools to style themselves, the knowledge on how to know what to wear that works for them, the tips on how to shop effectively, the empowerment around their personal style.

This is what I GIVE your people during my style workshops. I teach them the skills they need to make immediate, lasting and impactful improvements in their personal style. So they can wear their clothes with confidence which shows up as confidence at work and improved performance.

And this is not a litany of what not to wear, top brands to buy or a list of this season’s trends because all of that has to do with fashion and not style.

Instead I’m going deep- > teaching them my signature process that involves them in a way that they become the author of their style journey. They are the architects of their own style during the workshop.

Imagine when they return to on-site work, client meetings, social engagements, business travel and they start their days with confidence, security, and satisfaction. All because they know how to curate their outfits in a way that aligns with their authentic style in a way that is business appropriate.

Imagine how their performance will improve with this type of inner confidence?

Remove the anxiety from their plate and give them the skills that last them a lifetime.

Contact me to learn more about this powerful form of professional development.

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