Tara feels beautiful and feminine with luxurious clothes that make her look elevated and confident

Before working with me, Tara felt her body was “undressable” and now that she’s discovered her personal style, she has clothes that make her feel “elevated and confident.”

When we don’t have the style we want, we direct the blame inward and think something is wrong with us. Like Tara, who blamed her body for not having the style she wanted.

We focus on the “wrong” things thinking we need to lose weight, our arms are the problem, or our body is weird (join the club!).

I’m constantly trying to find clothing that’s COMFY and chic at the same time that isn’t going to dig into my ankles by the end of the day. And that I can wear all month. Partially because of this health/medical condition, I have a distorted view of my body and end up buying things too baggy when I know I slay in femininely tailored looks. Help!”

Tara was caught in a cycle that she couldn’t break out of on her own. 

Because she was exhausted and tired, she skimped on her looks. She blamed lack of money to spend on her style, and most insidious when asked why she hadn’t achieve the style she wanted: “ Believing I’m “too fat” or my body is bigger than it used to be and that’s somehow “bad” or that I’ve “failed to take care” of myself.

Tara came to me because she’d run out of excuses. She came to me because she was done blaming her body and was done skimping on her personal style. 

She worked with me because of her “need to take a step forward in my self-confidence and stop being so wishy-washy about who I am. When I heard how deeply Loren understood style, how our emotions and minds play games with us and our style choices, and her willingness to go incredibly precise with what I was looking to achieve.”

And after three sessions with me, Tara had multiple outfits from her own clothes and well over 20 outfits from consignment shopping. 

She regained a love of her body. 

“Loren removed so much doubt, self-judgment, and confusion I had around my body and what I thought was possible for my style. ”

She regained confidence and became empowered.

“I feel empowered to chart my style course going forward and make choices that mesh SO WELL with my style and lifestyle needs.”

She discovered her bespoke signature style.

“After working with Loren, I now have a mix-and-match arsenal of beautiful, HIGH-END clothes that feel luxurious and make me look elevated and confident. I used to feel dull and sad with the clothes I had and ‘stuck in a rut’…like my body was “undressable” and I would never look or feel cool. Now I see the massive range of options and can quickly assess if a piece will contribute to my new style. I also have “non-negotiables” now that extend beyond to style to hair, makeup, and other polished details that help me show up as my best. I’m not settling with my style anymore!”

Tara – You were a joy to work with and loved seeing how your style came together. Congrats on making the big decision to stop settling with your personal style! 

Watch in Tara’s words how working with a stylist changed her life.

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