Mindless shopping is just as bad as mindless eating

Mindlessly shopping does not cultivate sustainable style.


When you realize that what you’re wearing isn’t working for you or you’re bored with what you’re wearing, your first thought is that you need to go shopping for new clothes. And off you go shopping with no focus or direction – aka mindless shopping.  That approach won’t work for you or a sense of sustainable style and here is why:

  • You’ll shop without a direction for your style so you end up buying things similar to what you already own, get overwhelmed because you don’t know what to look for or get distracted by the “shiny” that has no practical application in your life.
  • You’ll shop with well-meaning friends or family but that won’t work either because they don’t know how to objectively assess your style, instruct you as to “why” things work and have a hard time seeing past their own internal biases.

Mindless, endless shopping won’t work because you haven’t figured out your true, unique, signature style.

You have not determined your style, what it looks like, feels like and the elements that make it YOU. Or, you may “know” what you like and even love but have been convinced that it’s “not in style” so you don’t wear what you know works for you.

​Once you design your style, you’ll understand why certain clothes should stay or go, know what looks great on you, and you will always be able to dress in full alignment with who you are on the inside – showing the world the essence of who you are.

“I never wonder whether something will look good on me. Now the question is, does it align with my style? And that is far easier to answer. This is for anyone who feels like they could be more stylish “if only” they had (insert whatever hangups they have). Do it now, define your signature style. Style isn’t about what happens after. It’s happening all the time.” – Kathleen


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