Why working with a stylist is better than a clothing box

Clothing boxes don’t create lasting style – here’s why working with a personal wardrobe stylist is better than a clothing box.

The promise of mail order clothes is alluring – finding style for life and having time back to focus on other things in your life. Plus you get it mailed to your door every month – like getting a gift!

All of this is absolutely possible – once you establish your personal style. Having clothes mailed to you every month isn’t going to get you there. Sure quizzes can help you understand your preferences and what matters to you about your style. But the problem is, until you really get to the root of the matter – who you are as a person and what matters to you – the clothes are just a superficial fix to the issue.

Adding more clothes to your already packed closet is definitely not going to help you when it comes to deciding what to wear each day.

If you’ve tried mail order subscription clothing boxes and want more when it comes to your style, here’s how a stylist can help show you why working with a stylist is better than a clothing box:

  1. A good stylist will go deep! Creating a lasting, sustainable personal style is a transformative experience. It’s not about finding clothes. It’s a lot more about finding yourself and then establishing a style to match who you are. Your style will evolve but there is a foundation upon which you will build.
  2. Some stylists will work with the clothes you have so you get even more from your closet and existing wardrobe. Clients who come to me after using mail order clothing boxes frequently say the reason they stopped the subscription is because they didn’t know what to do with all their other clothes. The clothing boxes just want you to keep buying. It is possible to find someone to help you clean out your closet, restyle your clothes and/or organize them in a way to make them even more useful to you.
  3. A stylist will work with all aspects of YOU! When I work with my clients, they’re in a transition in their lives and are ready for a new phase. They have some issues with their bodies – real or imagined. All of my clients have different goals for themselves and their styles. Everyone has different preferences for silhouettes, colors, textures, footwear, etc. A stylist will take all of this into consideration to help you establish your style.

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