Stop treating your style like trash

Sustainable style starts with owning your clothes instead of consuming them.

​On this planet, about 80 billion pieces of clothes are produced annually.

As Americans we only wear about 18% of our clothes. On average, we throw away 70 lbs of textile waste per person EVERY YEAR.

​What does this have to do with your style?


Because when you treat your style like trash, you don’t even think about the next purchase, how it will work with your existing clothes, if you’ll even wear it. Because who cares, it’s only $9.99. And you can always donate it, right?


When you treat your style like trash, you never build a wardrobe, and you’re constantly buying and purging.

​Your clothes never hang around long enough for you to do anything with them other than wear them a few times before donating them or they fall apart.

​You never actually buy clothes to mix and match or complement one another.

​You don’t even think about investing in clothes you can wear again and again.

​So while you’re buying and tossing, our landfills are getting full. It’s estimated that a garbage truck worth of clothes is landfilled every 2 minutes in the U.S. alone.

​Shopping doesn’t create sustainable style and it is not working out for you, or for the planet.

​You have a closet full of nothing to wear.​ You don’t know what to do with the clothes you have. ​Your unwanted clothes are piling up in landfills.

​There is a sustainable alternative that benefits you and the planet.

​Hit the pause button on shopping.

And get intentional with your style.

​Getting intentional means starting with YOU when it comes to your style, not at the store. Then shopping your closet. And then, lastly, going shopping for the gaps in your closet.

​Getting intentional means you’re making YOUR taste matter more than what magazines, friends or stores say you should buy (and no longer outsourcing your style).

​Getting intentional means you understand YOUR style so you can wear your clothes confidently without caring what others think.

​Getting intentional means you actually consider a purchase before making it. Asking yourself if your item will go with at least 3 other items in your closet. Will you wear something for 30 wears?

Is your style accidental or intentional? If you know it’s accidental and you’re ready for it to be intentional, I have numerous ways to support you.

Signature styling services – bespoke personal styling, personal styling and shopping plus annual programs are available.

​Start the year off with intention.

Contact me here to get started.

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