Stop outsourcing your personal style

When it comes to your personal style, you’ve been programmed to think that the answer is outside of you instead of within you.


From magazines, runway shows, influencers, brands and yes, even personal shoppers. You’ve outsourced your personal style. 

And it’s not getting you the results you want.

This is why you need a personal stylist and not a personal shopper.

My client Sam knew that she loved batwing style shirts and got rid of all of them after working with a personal shopper. And instead bought a whole bunch of patterned shirts she didn’t love. After our virtual sessions together, I created over 15 outfits for her and she is finally “ looking forward to shopping… which is a miracle!” 

Before working with me my client Vicki had two prior experiences with personal shoppers at department stores – one was positive and one was negative. In fact Vicki, who is not a big fan of the color black for her clothes, bought a lot of black clothes from one of the  personal shoppers even though she didn’t love them! She knew she had low standards for the clothes she allowed in her closet. At the end of our work together, I had created 100+ outfits for Vicki from shopping her closet and a local consignment store. 

My client Sarah came to me after trying #allthethings to address and “fix” her style on her own.

Before she hired me, she tried:

  • Working on her style on her own, and not feeling satisfied with the results. 
  • Shopping with friends and asking their opinion. 
  • Waiting until her closet was in shambles and then trying to do an all out shopping sprint in an afternoon. 
  • Completing a Pinterest board but was unable to see the consistency. (As she said- she needed an interpreter for it). 
  • Creating a “uniform” approach, trying to wear only neutrals, which didn’t work for her or fit her personality. 

Lots of  ‘reasonable actions’, none of what gave her the style magic she desired. With me, she finally got the magic she’d longed for. 

Sam, Vicki and Sarah all had outsourced their style, all with disappointing or even unwanted, results. The opposite of what they wanted.  

Personal style starts from within. Working with a stylist helps you bring that vision to life.

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