What You Should Be Doing With Your Scarves

What Should You Do With Your Scarves

How to wear scarves and why

I received a request about whether you should be wearing scarves and if so, how to. I have a few videos to make it easy to show you but first I want to address the question. Yes, you should be wearing them (it’s possible even in Phoenix) and here is why.

Scarves add color, visual interest, enhance your style and allow you to express your style in a subtle but effective way. This is particularly important if you work in a business professional setting where your dress code is strict. You may be limited by the type of jewelry you can wear but at least you can wear a scarf to/from the office, perhaps wear it if you get chilled at your desk, and show some of your personality and style.

If you have been following me for a while, you know I am huge fan of color and pattern mixing. Scarves are a great way to do this. You can have an all blue outfit and try a yellow and pink scarf with it (complementary colors). You can have an all blue outfit and add a navy and green scarf (analogous color pairing). When you experiment with colors with scaraves, it gives you the ability to wear the scarf, remove it if you want, but gradually you will become used to wearing colors in new ways. I urge you to keep it on and see what happens. Enjoy the small way of wearing something differently.

Watch – how to use color theory.

Lastly, wear scarves because they are great way to keep warm!! I sometimes like scarves in between seasons in Phoenix especially at night when it gets cool. I can’t justify a jacket but a scarf seems just right. Also, they are great in the summer months because they can add a light layer which is great when you are in a cold room. I find infinity style scarves work better with sleeveless style tops. Look for infinity style scarves in silk, linen, or linen blends. Look for cool weather scarves in  wool or wool blends.

Get started – Watch these videos on how to wear scarves

(Including how to use them to add color, how to tie them with a jacket and how to tie square scarves.)


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