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Style fashion tips for alternatives to wearing shorts

I find that many of my clients don’t like shorts but when living in a hot climate aren’t sure what else to wear. In this post I share the clothing alternatives to shorts for women. These alternatives are what I’ve been experimenting with for myself and my clients. See what strikes you and get inspired to do this on your own.

Alternatives to shorts in the summer for women

Linen pants or joggers (and skirts)– This includes linen pants and joggers as great alternatives to shorts. Linen is sustainable (read more about why), breathable and contrary to popular belief does not need to be dry cleaned!!  Here are some examples of how I’ve worn my linen pants (and a linen skirt) plus joggers that I’ve found for my clients.

Shorts Alternatives Shorts Alternatives

Dresses or maxi dresses – I find that dresses and skirts are more flattering for women’s legs than shorts. They come in a variety of silhouettes that mean you can find a style that works for your body (sheath, pencil, A-line, etc.) and stick with it. Shorts are way less forgiving. If you don’t want to show your legs, go for a maxi dress. Don’t forget your slip or other foundation wear!

Shorts Alternatives Shorts Alternatives

Skirts or maxi skirts – Much like dresses skirts are more flattering for your legs. Again if you aren’t comfortable showing your legs, then consider a maxi skirt. Here are great examples from my clients using skirts and dresses they had in their closets or we found when consignment store shopping.

Shorts Alternatives


Palazzo pants or culottes – These aren’t for everyone but I encourage you to experiment and try them out if you’re interested. Culottes are exaggerated wide leg pants that hit mid-calf.  Palazzo pants are like culottes with an exaggerated wide leg but they are full length go to the top of your foot or cover it.

Other pants in breathable fabrics… Breathable fabrics include silk, linen, cotton and hemp. Here are two ways I style my silk pants (these were purchased at Buffalo Exchange – consignment). Also, like linen, you don’t need to dry clean silk.

Shorts Alternatives

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