Set your personal style standards

Do you have standards?

Do you even think about what standards you have in place in your life?

Many of us have standards that are just part of our lives and we don’t even give them much active attention. Things like where we live, the type of car we drive, what technology we use, what food we eat, what personal care products we use, who we date or who is our partner and much, much more.

But when was the last time you’ve considered the standards you have for your style?

Too often I see women and men who have very high standards in many areas of their lives but when it comes to the clothes they wear, they have none. And they default to athleisure all the time, wearing slippers in public and wondering why they don’t feel good about themselves.

And they wonder why they don’t like the way they look, why they’re frustrated with their clothes and why things look bad on them.

They have not taken the time to discover their style let alone taken steps to improve it.

They have no idea what benchmarks they use to decide what clothes they buy. They don’t know what works for their bodies.

They have no standards.

They want to look like a celebrity in a magazine but don’t want to invest in their personal style.

They don’t want to think about style or take any time with it but yet want it all to come together effortlessly and want to look fabulous.

They want to buy the cheapest clothes at the lowest price possible, in the worst quality fabrics. Then they wonder why they don’t look good in these cheap clothes and why they’re falling apart.

If this sounds familiar, it’s because you’ve not set any standards for your personal style, and you don’t take what you wear seriously.

It’s time to set the standard for how you dress so that what you wear comes into alignment with all the other areas of your life.

So that when you show up to that work meeting – in person or virtually – you look like a credible, confident professional.

So that when you have that first date, the outfit complements and magnifies your personality instead of making you feel self-conscious.

So that when you get a last minute invite to go out, you don’t second guess your outfit as soon as you see what everyone else is wearing.

So that you signify to the world that you know YOU MATTER.

You stop setting with your style because you have standards and you honor them.

When you have your style and standards clearly defined, you know precisely what elements define your style and standards – the colors, fit, details of the clothes, footwear and more. Getting ready becomes easier and the style reflects you.

What are the standards for your life, your career, your relationships? Is your style in alignment with those standards?

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