How to Make Poshmark Part of Your Secondhand Shopping Strategy

I recently dipped my toe into the waters of Poshmark and found a way to utilize it as part of my secondhand shopping strategy. It took me a while, and I didn’t see the point in buying things secondhand online for the sake of doing it. For me a good deal is only a good deal if I actually have a use for the clothing item (or shoe or accessory).

However, I had an epiphany when I realized that I could use this online site to replace some items I used to have (and love) but wore out – in particular shoes.

I was able to use Poshmark to find a former pair of Nine West heels that I used to wear (wore them to death!) and replace them. I got them in the same style in the same color that I had before and another pair in a different color.

It got me thinking about strategy and how online resale sites can be used to support your shopping strategy. These sites don’t just have to be places you go on a whim to find a great deal, only to have it hang in your closet unworn.

How to use Poshmark as part of your secondhand shopping strategy:

  1. Use Poshmark to buy brands you know fit/work for you. You know my shoe story already. This is how I replaced a former pair of shoes without needing to try them on and I found a second pair of Nine West shoes in a different color but in a style I know works for me. I’ve even done this for bras – getting a different color Soma bra in a style that I already own for a fraction of the price.
  2. Use Poshmark to replace items you used to wear and loved. If you still have the item because you couldn’t bear to part with it, search by style name, color and size. This can be for a specific style of garment (meaning it’s the same one you already own) but it’s worn (think yellow underarm stains) and you want a less worn version. Perhaps you want the item in a new color or print, or shoes in the style and size you know work for you but in a different color.
  3. Check out Poshmark for skincare and beauty products – this is very recent for me. I love Tata Harper and can find certain products on Poshmark that are sold out at my local store. Look for terms such as NIB – new in box or NWT – new with tags (for items sold in packaging other than a box).
  4. Don’t use Poshmark for retail therapy. Poshmark needs to be part of your secondhand shopping strategy not a way to soothe your psyche. Even though the clothes are still secondhand – if they’re not the right size, not the right style or something you don’t know what to wear with, then they aren’t a good deal. You will want to ask yourself if you can wear the item at least 30 times and have items to go with it.

Read what to do before going shopping so you can shop effectively, efficiently and for things that will work for you and your style.

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