Why personal styling changes your life


Personal styling is more than just clothes.

When I say your life changes when you undergo a personal stying transformation, it’s not an exaggeration or a hyperbolic statement.

It’s what my clients and countless others experience when they choose themselves and value themselves highly.

With my client Gitte, her life change after she elevated her style. She started to dress like her future self so she embodied her. When she did that, she made decisions that aligned with what that powerful version of herself would do. That’s why she pursued a massive personal transformation, business overhaul and eventually had a six figure sales month.

It’s why when people work with me they lose weight. It’s not because they’ve become vain or overvalue their appearance. It’s because they’re dressing like someone who cares for himself/herself. Then they start acting like that person. Making better choices or different decisions than they would have in the past. They become someone who loves and cares for their body.

It’s why numerous clients have changed their relationship status. Getting out of relationships, starting new ones, getting married – all because they value themselves higher and make choices aligned with that high value.

It’s why my clients have changed careers, gotten promoted or raised their rates as business owners. Because all of these clients started to dress like the successful person they wanted to be. They made the decisions this successful person would make. They embodied the success they wanted so they acted accordingly.

This is why personal styling is more than just clothes. When your style reflects who you are on the inside and it’s authentic, congruent and shows the world who you are – you become that version of yourself.

What about you? Do you feel the disconnect between how you’re dressing and who you’re becoming? If the answer is yes, I have numerous ways to support you.

Signature styling services – bespoke personal styling, personal styling and shopping plus annual programs are available.

Don’t let your future self down by not becoming her or him.

Contact me here to learn more.

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