Personal style doesn’t come in a clothing box subscription

Do you buy for your personal style or are you just looking for a quick fix?

You know what I mean – those subscription clothing boxes that show up on your doorstep each month and try to sell you on your personal style.

Why do you love those boxes? I assume it’s the convenience of getting clothes that are selected “just for you.” You may have thought of cancelling those subscriptions because sometimes the month’s selections aren’t quite right or you don’t want to have to return items you don’t want.

But you keep coming back for more. You love getting that monthly fix.

Why do you keep looking for personal style in a box?

You keep doing it because it makes you feel like you’re receiving a gift each month. You’re giving yourself a cheap monthly gift instead of the ultimate luxury of having a truly unique style that’s all your own.

A “perfectly” styled look doesn’t show up in a box.

You know it won’t last forever and it’s not good for you in the long run. You’ve thought about what you’ll do with all the other clothes you have but yet you keep ordering more. You keep going back for the fix because you have no idea what your true style is. You don’t have a Signature Style so you don’t know how to create outfits from clothes, how to dress your body, how to use inspiration to create new looks, and how to use your own style preferences to make shopping easy and efficient.

Instead of a fix, what about investing in yourself?

Working with a stylist to discover YOUR truly unique, personal style is the solution. Otherwise, you’ll keep buying from those boxes with disappointing levels of success, and not ever being quite sure why certain items you love and keep and others you send back because they missed the mark.

The investment of working with a stylist keeps coming back to you because you finally cracked the code of what YOUR style is. You’ve learned how to dress YOUR body. You know what defines YOUR style.

And you know precisely what clothes to buy and what not to.

What happens when you design your style?

You’ll know your style so well that you can shop anywhere, you’ll know instantly if something is worth trying on in the fitting room or ordering online because you can quickly assess if the item will complement your style, work for your body or is worth a try for a fun experiment. You’ll have a closet full of clothes that fit and flatter, are authentic and represent who you are.

The ‘style in the box’ stops now. Time to know what your signature personal style is.

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