Your lack of care around personal style is costing you money and more

personal style

Your personal style matters more than you think.

Here are some truths about first impressions and why it matters when it comes to personal style.

We will form first impressions, we’ll do it quickly, we’ll do it automatically.

And it’s very hard for us to change our minds after forming a first impression.

Last year I came upon a social media post with the photo of one of the business owners.

My first reaction was why is she dressed like that?

The image in the post conveyed many things to me –

She didn’t look professional, but she was promoting professional services.

Because her personal style didn’t look professional, I concluded she didn’t think about how she was presenting herself and further that she missed a really big part of her messaging (before anyone is reading her posts or watching her videos).

Because she didn’t look professional, it made me immediately (and subconsciously) question how successful (read – how competent) she is in her profession.

Because I didn’t find her credible based on how she was dressed, I dismissed whatever message she was conveying in that post.

I couldn’t get past how she showed up.

This is why when you’re not styled in a way that aligns with the goals for your business, career, dating life, social life and more, you’re doing yourself a huge disservice and leaving money and opportunities on the table.

If you’re not investing in yourself, your personal style and your image and it SHOWS, then how can you expect others to invest in you? Or want to get to know you? Or do business with you? Or hire you?

We don’t have control over forming first impressions or how we form first impressions. We decide many things within seconds of seeing each other.

This is why how you present yourself isn’t superficial.

This is why how you style yourself isn’t frivolous.

People WILL form first impressions upon seeing you and meeting you.

The question is – are you managing those impressions in your favor or not?

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