Succumbing to this myth about personal style is affecting your bottom line

Teaching your people to dress well is an investment in their professional development as long as you don’t believe this myth…

As a leader, you may embrace a casual style, and your approach to address this may be to refer to an outdated dress code or tell people to dress for their day, and hope for the best.

How it’s interpreted by your people may not align with how your organization wishes to be perceived. And that is not necessarily what’s best for your business.

But the reason you haven’t done anything impactful to change the situation is you believe this myth – personal style doesn’t matter.

Personal style matters – more than you may realize.

Personal style is not about clothes, it’s about the person and their identity.

Personal style is not a list of what to wear, what stores to shop at, the latest trends and this year’s colors.

It’s not having a personal shopper bring in a rack of clothes, a litany of brands to shop for, or selecting suits from a catalog.

Personal style affects mindset

You’d be surprised how many people show up each day feeling dread, overwhelm, self-doubt and frustration because they’re unsure of their personal style and what to wear. You have the opportunity to remove this source of anxiety, frustration and overwhelm that your people face each day.

Personal style starts with the person

Developing personal style is a process that starts with the individual so that they are an active participant in writing their own style story so that at the end of the journey, what they come up with actually sticks.

They will embrace the style and wear the things because they co-created their style instead of someone telling them what to do, what to wear, what not to do.

Personal style affects confidence and performance

When your teams have the skills to style themselves well, they will show up confidently instead of hiding because they are self-conscious about what they’re wearing.

They’ll confidently step forward and show up – literally and metaphorically.

When they show up dressed for work, they will actually be in a mindset to work. Be more creative, be more focused, be more productive – all because of what they’re wearing. When people know they look good, they feel good which translates to inner confidence. This confidence radiates in all areas of their lives and of course they bring it to work each day.

Don’t succumb to the myth that style doesn’t matter. You’re holding your people back.

By investing in your most important asset, you let your people know they’re highly valued and they’ll treat your clients in kind.

You’ll be able to attract and retain top talent because you are supporting them both on and off the job.

Your teams can learn how to develop a work appropriate personal style that reflects individuality AND that doesn’t involve a formulaic approach to force them into the confines of specific dress codes. And that’s the key, in my style workshops, I’m teaching my signature process so attendees leave with the knowledge, tools and foundational style education to create their own personal style.

Contact me to provide impactful professional development that will provide immediate benefit for your teams.

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