Bring your brand together with your team’s style

Give your people a reason to dress well and bring your brand together with your team’s style for maximum impact.

If you’ve recently renovated, updated, or reopened your resort or hotel, you’ve likely done #allthethings.

New décor, updated public spaces, room updates, new restaurants, F&B offerings, etc.

You’ve likely updated your branding guidelines and shared them with your teams.

And the dress code? That’s collecting dust.

You’re just going to let your teams dress for the day so you attract new talent and don’t appear outdated.

And then the following will happen…

  • Giving people free rein to dress for their day means they will not dress to the standards you have because they have no guidance.
  • If the dress code hasn’t been updated to align with the new image of your property, your teams will look out of place and disconnected.
  • If you haven’t given them education on how to update their style, some will dress well, some won’t and no one will be able to explain why, so they’ll stay stuck.

If you don’t think what your teams wear is important, you’ve missed a key differentiator to further distinguish your property.

Your branding, your updates, renovations, setting and more are all sources of incredible inspiration and practical context from which you can develop style guidance.

Those elements of your brand are all there to tell a story and set the stage for the guest experience. Your teams bring that to life.

Don’t exclude your teams from the narrative.

When you use the mission, values, purpose and brand guidance as the context for your style guidance, you have the basis for an updated dress code/style guide because of the context.

The context connects your brand with how you want your teams to dress.

Context sets the stage.  Context helps your teams understand the connection between how you want to dress and your brand. Why you’ve set the expectations around attire and how you want your teams to present themselves. This is the crucial “why” which will help with adoption of the dress code/style guidance.

What have you done to connect your brand with your style guide? Are you copying it over from another property or have you developed site-specific guidance your teams can refer to? Have you given them the “why?”

In my corporate style training workshops, I’m bringing your team’s style together with your brand so that there is…

  • Consistency in the guest expectations and the guest experience
  • Improved perception – your team’s style supports the brand position of your resort or hotel.
  • Another way for your property to differentiate from others in this space.

Contact me to learn more about corporate style training for your teams to set your brand apart.

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