Tony learned how to curate his personal style

Results for Tony when he hired a personal stylist

Late in 2019 I received a message from a follower on Instagram who I’d never talked with before. He said he was doing an online search for a stylist, found my page and was interested in working together and for a collaboration. This was a new way for a potential client to connect with me, and I was excited to learn more.

I invited him to schedule time to speak with me on the phone and our journey started.

He was stepping out of the uniform and into a new phase of life

What became really clear to me was that Tony was suffering from the “uniform effect” – my phrase for when you’ve become used to wearing a uniform day in and day out. The effect is when it comes to creating outfits (when you’re not wearing the uniform), you have no idea where to start or what to wear. This has been a past struggle for a few of my clients especially those in the medical field.

He also strongly identified with the uniform – he understood that in the Army the uniform serves many purposes and therefore was looking for the same benefits in a civilian uniform.

Tony was looking for a new identity and that style was part of his current journey. He had also undergone many transitions in a short period of time including moving from Hawaii to upstate New York and starting his master’s degree. Tony was in a perfect time and place for our work together – he knew that the style component needed to come into place for him for this next phase of his life.

His style goals were in alignment with what he wanted to achieve – Sleek and looking fresh, that he wanted his clothes/style to be timeless and not just going with fads. HIs wardrobe and style goals were to have multifunction clothes that can fit many different occasions.

We started our journey and worked together virtually – starting with Design Your Signature Style, continuing with virtual styling, shopping and wrapping up with a fitting.

Watch Tony’s journey and style transformation and hear in Tony’s own words what’s changed for him since our work together.

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