An organized closet is not the end game

My wardrobe consulting clients know that an organized closet is not the end game.

When I do wardrobe consulting, I find that many of my clients start out having high hopes when organizing their closets. And you may too. But while your organized closet has you feeling accomplished, you’re still uninspired by your clothes.

​Whether you did this in 2020 because you had more time at home, hired someone in the past or installed a closet organizing system, you can now see what you have.

​Arranged by color. ​In nice boxes. ​Neatly hung on the hangers.

​Can you see the outfits? Do you know how to create new looks? Has it helped you mix and match your clothes?

​No, I didn’t think so.

​Here’s why.

Just because you can see the clothes doesn’t mean you can see the outfits.

​Let me repeat: Just because you can see the clothes doesn’t mean you can see the outfits.

​Organizing your closet without developing your unique style is like starting a recipe without finishing it. You’ve got all the ingredients together but nothing to eat. Because you stopped too soon – you didn’t cook the food. ​You don’t have a sudden divine inspiration just because your clothes are organized by color and type. ​Yes, you have to see what you own so you can wear it.

​But organizing your closet only takes you so far. ​Because you haven’t discovered your style you have no idea how to creatively pair and mix and match those clothes. ​So you’ll go back to doing what you did before your closet was organized – wearing 20% of what you own 80% of the time.

​When you know your style, and understand how to creatively approach your clothes, your life will get much easier. ​You’ll save time – no more trying on 5 outfits (ahem, 20 items!) trying to decide what to wear. ​This is what happens when you know your signature style: You’ll relieve anxiety because you have the “right” things to wear and you know what’s “right” for you. And you’ll reduce frustration big time – no more second guessing.

It’s time to see the outfits in your clothes.

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