Ignore what’s in style – what’s your style?

Just because you think it’s not in style anymore, doesn’t mean it can’t be part of your personal style.

No matter the time of year, you’ve likely noticed the latest clothing trends for the upcoming season and perhaps the thought of what to do with all those former clothing trends hanging in your closet. And you’ve probably wondered is this still in style? Should I still wear it? If you are trying to decide whether something belongs in your closet, use this assessment to help you.

Clothing trends are completely ephemeral, change faster than the wind and are meant to get us out there and shop – All The Time. Which gets us wondering about the items we have – are they in style? Do we keep them? Don’t worry about keeping up with these trends and what’s in style and instead focus on whether something is part of your personal style.

Ask yourself – Does the item fit into your style do you want to continue to wear it? If so, it stays. If not, it goes.

If you have few former trends that you still like, keep wearing them. If they align with your style and make you smile, wear them and enjoy them for as long as you can.

If you still aren’t sure, then apply these questions:

  • Does the clothing item fit you? If it doesn’t fit you, it doesn’t matter how amazing it once was or how much it cost, it needs to either be altered to fit or it should go. If you love it and want to continue to wear it, I recommend alterations/repairs if possible.
  • Does the clothing item flatter you? Does it help create the unbroken visual line? Does it enhance the silhouette you want to create with your clothes?  If the clothes don’t flatter, they need to be altered or they need to go.
  • Does the clothing item fit your present and align with your future or do you feel stuck in your past when you look at it? Perhaps it’s an older, former trend and you’ve gotten your wears from it so it’s OK to let it go. Or maybe you still love it and want to hold onto it. That’s OK too. Consider getting inspired about new ways to wear the item that reflects your personal style.

Do not feel like because the clothing trend has passed, that you can’t wear an item that brings you joy, makes you feel great and looks amazing.

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