Why you need to wear slips – tips from a clothing stylist

clothing stylist

Lack of proper foundation wear will throw off the entire look of an outfit. Don’t let this happen to you. Invest in proper foundation wear and present a clean, flattering silhouette in your clothes.

Why wear slips?

I have had a few clients ask me if women still even wear slips. My response is of course! But I find that many women who should be wearing slips are not. Slips do many wondrous things such as – hide visible panty line (VPL), prevent your skirt from being “sucked” in to your derriere, absorb sweat, prevent your underwear from showing through the skirt and lastly, make you look more pulled together. Regardless of the type of skirts or dresses you wear (and they don’t have liners) then you need to be wearing a slip.

What to buy? I encourage you to get one full slip or half slip in nude and black, shorter lengths of 18” – 22” slips are fine but it is nice to have a longer one dedicated to maxi skirts/dresses if you wear those. These can be full slips or half slips (as pictured in this post). If you don’t wear a lot of skirts, then one nude one will suffice. Slips are typically 100% polyester and are found in department stores. However, silk and other fabric blends from sustainable brands are shared in links below.

maxi skirt slip
The elusive half slip… not as hard to find as you might think!

How to measure for your slip – half slips come in many lengths. So measure from your waist where you wear skirts (usually your natural waist) to where your skirts generally hit on your leg. So for me a 18” long slip is for skirts that hit at the knee. This ensures the slip is shorter than the skirt and won’t show beneath it. Grab your measuring tapes and figure out what works for you.

Online shopping for sustainable brands’ maxi skirt slips:

Only Hearts – full and half slips, made in the USA.

Brook There– Organic cotton and silk lingerie, made in the USA

Reve en Vert – lingerie, eco-friendly stockings, non-toxic dyes

Additional resources for sustainable lingerie and more:

Where to buy sustainable fashion basics

20 ethical and sustainable lingerie brands you should know

Guide to ethical, eco-friendly lingerie brands

Note: Please know that I am not working with any of these companies or stores and was not asked to endorse or mention any of the products in this post.  All opinions here are my own.

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