How to Identify and Break Out of Fashion Habits

How to Break Out of Fashion Habits

Are your fashion habits holding you back?

Habits make getting ready each day easier, we don’t have to think as much and we may even have simplified our day to day attire to a uniform.

But… (you knew this was coming) here is the problem.

When we have fashion habits they can quickly turn into bad habits.

This means we wear the same colors day in and day out. We only wear athleisure (yoga clothes!) on the weekends. Our style goes from being unique and personalized to “looking like everyone else.”

You may have bad fashion habits if…

You wear the same colors every day of every week. For all of you corporate people this means wearing black and gray whether you like those colors or not. I am not saying to show up in a color riot. I used to work in the corporate world. But it does mean honoring your style while still being work appropriate.

You have multiples. This means you saw a shirt that you liked and bought it in 5 different colors. This doesn’t create anything interesting in your wardrobe. It instead just looks like the same outfit with a different color. The other problem with multiples, is we tend to hoard them, and keep them in case something happens to the first one. Honor the clothes by wearing the clothes.

You wear the things in the same way. This means you always wear the navy pants with the green jacket and the white shirt. You always wear the same tie with the same suit. You always wear the same shoes with those pants. Instead of being visually interesting you no longer stand out because you always look the same.

You match. If you are matching (this is for women) your handbag to your shoes to your outfit, this is dated. While this was a way of dressing in the mid-twentieth century, that has passed. For men, you do need to match your belt to your shoes. But you may fall into the habit of not varying those colors. So you only have a black belt and shoes which can become boring.

What to do…

Make a list of the five things you wear the most and use color theory (analogous or complementary colors) to wear something new and different with those items you wear the most. This doesn’t mean go and shop. It means find something in your closet you haven’t worn before with the item that follows color theory. Repeat this for footwear – making a list of five items you wear and what shoes you could wear instead of the ones you typically reach for.

Break up the accessories. If you always wear that scarf with that dress, then wear a necklace instead. Guys – you may fall into the trap of wearing the same polo shirt and pants together so mix them up. Try adding fun socks if the workplace allows that.

Plan the night before. This is important. If you have busy mornings, take five minutes the night before to plan out your outfit (I said 5 not 30 minutes). Just give yourself that time. Check out my post on organizing hacks for better style to help with this.

Why does this matter?

Because when you dress like everyone else, you give the message you are like everyone else. This matters. You want to be seen as a unique person with a personality and want to be authentic. All of my clients have unique clothes in their wardrobes that they weren’t wearing. They represent who they are but they didn’t know how to wear them.

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