How to identify and break out of fashion habits

Guidance from a clothing stylist for how to break out of bad fashion habits

Habits make getting ready each day easier, we don’t have to think as much and we may even have simplified our day to day attire to a uniform. But sometimes habits get a life of their own and turn into bad fashion habits.

Examples can include when we wear the same colors day in and day out. We only wear athleisure (yoga clothes, workout clothes) during the week and weekends because we don’t know what else to do. We default to wearing clothes to check the box but are uninspired. Our style goes from being unique and personalized to “looking like everyone else.” And we start to think it doesn’t matter which means we’re telling ourselves we don’t matter.

You may have bad fashion habits if…

You wear a uniform but it doesn’t reflect your style. This means in an attempt to simplify your life, you’ve defaulted to wearing the same colors, types of clothes or styles regardless of  whether you like them or not. You’re uninspired but this “uniform” is easy. You know you’re not honoring yourself or your style.

You have multiples. This means you saw a shirt that you liked and bought it in 5 different colors. This doesn’t create anything interesting in your wardrobe. It instead just looks like the same outfit with a different color. The other problem with multiples, is we tend to hoard them, and keep them in case something happens to the first one. And our style stays the same.

You don’t know how to mix and match items to create new looks. So you wear the things in the same way. This means you always wear the navy pants with the green jacket and the white shirt. You always wear the same tie with the same suit. You always wear the same shoes with those pants. Instead of being visually interesting you no longer stand out because you always look the same.

What to do…

The solution is to discover your personal style. Bad fashion habits occur as a default and reaction to not knowing what else to do. You don’t want to spend hours agonizing when getting ready so you needed a shortcut. That’s how habits became bad habits.

Develop your personal style – what makes your style YOU? And it is possible to have a personal style “uniform.”

Get out of your comfort zone and experiment. Get inspired first and then go to your closet to see what you can create instead of buying more of the same.

Learn how to mix and match clothes to create new looks. Familiarize yourself with color theory and wear the colors you love.

Why does this matter?

Because when you dress like everyone else, you give the message you are like everyone else. This matters. You want to be seen as a unique person with a personality and want to be authentic. All of my clients have unique clothes in their wardrobes that they weren’t wearing. They represent who they are but they didn’t know how to wear them. Break the bad habits starting today.

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