How your life can change after working with a clothes stylist

Emily went from feeling unapproachable in her “unkempt clothes” to having people wanting to know who she is and where she shops.

Let me introduce you to my client Emily. At the time we met, she was balancing working full time and finishing her Bachelor’s degree. 

Emily was  hesitant to hire me because she had a negative experience with a personal shopper at a department store and didn’t get her the results she wanted. Many of my clients share similar stories of working with a personal shopper who missed the mark with their style (and they felt guilted into buying the clothes).

She also was tempted to just continue shopping with friends because they were willing and they didn’t charge a fee. 

This is another common experience with my clients before working with me. They shop with a friend or family member who is stylish. While shopping with friends/family is“free” it costs them their time going shopping and money spent on clothes they won’t wear. 

Emily decided she deserved this experience. She was done trying small “fixes” and was ready to create lasting change. 

Emily understood the effect this was having on her emotional well being also.  Before our time together, she shared “I was in desperate need of the guidance. Mentally and emotionally I was lost.” Emily had a critical realization that style is more than just clothes.

Emily was a bit skeptical in the beginning because she thought she really didn’t have anything to wear.

As Emily shared,  “I was most surprised that she wanted to come to my house! She actually wanted to look at the disaster that was my wardrobe and try to salvage it. We discussed what should stay and what should go, and best of all, how to incorporate my vintage pieces into modern looks.”

This is the difference between going shopping for clothes versus working with me. In my work with my clients I teach them about their body types, why things pair together, how to mix and match clothes, and incorporate the person in personal styling. I do not push my clients into things for a sale. 

Personal styling is defined as bringing the inside to the outside, and that is why when you are able to dress so it matches how you feel on the inside, it feels SO GOOD. 

After her Bespoke Signature Styling work with me, Emily’s outer world changed and that in turn changed her inner world dramatically. 

She became visible and stopped hiding. 

She realized people wanted to know who she was. 

People she didn’t even know would give her compliments and that would initiate a conversation.

She regained confidence and had decreased anxiety and overwhelm. 

She released self-doubt she was carrying around the creative process of pairing colors, patterns, and textures when it came to her style. 

“With Loren’s help I realized change didn’t have to be hard, so I’m making changes in other aspects of my life as well. Things feel better than they have in a long time. Take the plunge! Do this for you because you deserve it.”

Nope, what I do is not therapy. 

But the positive effect of what happens for my clients after working with me is therapeutic.

Congratulations, Emily for taking the bold and courageous step to be fully expressed in what you wear.

Are you ready for the transformation? I offer strategic personal styling for achievers desiring authentic expression and are ready for transformation. If you’re ready for a change, contact me here.

Check out some of my favorite looks on Emily…

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