How to Use Pinterest to Update Your Style

Tips from a clothing stylist tips on how to use Pinterest to update your style

Do you scroll through Pinterest looking for your next source of inspiration or where to shop? Do you find that while the number of images saved keeps growing but your style stays stuck?  I want to share how to navigate through Pinterest and actually use what you pin and save to help you create the looks you want in your closet and shopping. Pinterest is a great tool if you use it actively – by that I mean don’t just save the pictures to your board and forget about them.

Here are some tips to help:

  1. Think about the style you want to portray at work and in your personal life. Break this down further if needed – are you dating, active with friends, etc. What messages do you want to send? Write the words down if needed.
  2. Find images that align with the style you want to portray and the messages you want to send with your style. I advise not going overboard. I work with clients who have hundreds of pins and if they don’t already have a board, I recommend a range of 15-30.
  3. Evaluate the pictures for the “components” of the outfits. Is the girl wearing a tank top, cardigan and distressed jeans? Is the guy wearing dark wash jeans with a plaid shirt? What colors are in your board? What are the common silhouettes? Is there any sort of detailing that is prevalent (such as gathered waists or pleats)? What about patterns?

Here’s the fun part – head to your closet!

Figure out which of the components from step #3 you already own. Chances are you have many of them. I’ve had this experience countless times with my clients, where I point out how they already own what they have in their Pinterest boards. Put together outfits that are inspired by what you found in Pinterest and repeat. This is why Pinterest is a great way to update your style. As you’re “shopping your closet” make a list of the items you don’t have – the gaps in your closet and those items form the basis for your shopping list at the store.

Try this at home – read how to restyle your clothes and what’s in your closet.

Read what to do before going shopping to so you can shop effectively, efficiently and for things that will work for you and your style.

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