How to Use Clothing Pieces in Different Ways When Traveling

how to use clothing pieces in different ways when traveling

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I shared posts on how to pack for warm weather, cool weather and what to wear on a travel day (when flying), but do you wonder how to use clothing pieces in different ways when traveling? Here are some of my favorite ways to get the most from your clothes and how to wear your clothes in different ways when on vacation or business travel.

Jacket as a Shirt (or Cardigan as a Shirt)

I saw this once while at an airport and the woman looked amazing. This can be done with a jacket, blazer or cardigan worn as a top. The idea is that you don’t remove the outerwear and wear this clothing piece in a different way. This is very effective when traveling from warm to cool climates.

Scarf as a Pop of Color/Colored Denim

This was a technique I used with a client. She had an abundance of scarves and she had colored denim. She tended not to wear the denim while at home; however, she loves it when traveling. We came up with a plan to keep it simple and easy for travel – t-shirts, jeans and a scarf. This allowed her to wear her denim and scarves, be casual but still look nice. She essentially reserved this part of her wardrobe for travel.

Wear your sweater/cardigan as the shirt. (left) Wear colored denim and scarf for pop of color. (right)


White Button-up Shirt (or Lightweight Button-up Shirt)

I’m a big fan of linen and I knew when I found a linen button-up shirt, it would become a go-to. I love the look of the casual button-up shirt instead of a t-shirt. This can even make shorts look better. Use your button-up shirts in different ways when traveling, such as beach cover-ups or in lieu of t-shirts.

  • White button-up shirt and shorts = elevated casual look for the beach or cruise!
  • Button-up chambray shirt + leggings and boots = great travel day outfit or casual day look when traveling.
  • Button-up shirt (any color) and jeans = a more elevated look than a t-shirt and jeans!
Instead of layering or wearing a t-shirt, consider wearing a white button down shirt alone (not layered over another shirt).

If you want to wear something other than jeans …

Joggers make great pants for travel! I’ve worked with a lot of clients who add these to their wardrobes and I love the variety of fabrics they come in – from rayon to linen blends – there is something for everyone. They’re a really nice alternative to jeans and shorts.

Instead of jeans consider jogger style casual pants.

If you travel a lot …

You should consider reserving certain clothes and shoes for travel only. For me this includes my super comfortable (but stylish) shoes – sandals and boots, colored denim, certain layering pieces and sweaters (obviously for cooler months). I find that when I pack for travel and start with the shoes, I come up with a lot of different looks that I normally wouldn’t wear. The shoes dictate the clothes, not the other way around.

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