How I Created My Own Style

How a personal stylist created her style

One of the questions I get asked a lot by my clients is how I created my own style. My style hasn’t always been where I wanted it to be – in fact for well into my mid-thirties I wasn’t pleased with my style. There were days I liked what I wore, but in general it always seemed lacking. I was always looking for that “one piece” that would tie my wardrobe together and make it work.

Yeah, that unicorn doesn’t exist.

My style evolved into what I wanted it to be when I started to consistently shop at secondhand stores. I started at thrift stores and then slowly added in consignment stores. Shopping secondhand helped me so much because the affordability allowed me to experiment. I liked so many beautiful clothes, but I couldn’t always afford the prices. Because of this, I was always settling on my wardrobe. And we all know how well settling works out.

When I was able to buy the types and quality of clothes I wanted, at prices I could afford, my style and my attitude changed. I tried new things out and took chances. The thrill of combining clothes into new possibilities and outfits excited me – and is still something I love to do.

Think like a scientist.

The key point of all of this is to do what a scientist does and experiment. Experimenting is what will take you out of your comfort zone because there is no wrong or failure in experimenting. The only “bad” result is just a combination you won’t wear again. It’s a freeing way of looking at things and will do wonders for your mindset around your outfits.

If you’re on a budget, then thrift stores are a great place for so many reasons and not just the price point. Get inspired and use Pinterest to start.

Watch how I created my own style.

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